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Radius Bank, formerly First Trade Union Bank, is an innovative, full-service bank serving clients nationwide. Radius Bank offers the product depth of a national brand, the online and mobile capabilities of a virtual bank and the personalized service that only a community bank can provide. With a commitment to delivering innovative banking products where and when you need them, Radius Bank allows you to bank whenever, wherever via mobile device. Visit www.radiusbank.com.

Customers can readily access traditional, personalized branch banking at Banking Centers located in Massachusetts and New York. First Trade is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is an Equal Housing/Equal Opportunity Lender. For further information, visit the Bank

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Apr 06, 2016 by

It was very easy to open my account with them and they had no problem transferring a large amount into my account with them.But it's extremely difficult to withdrawal my money once I decided I no longer wanted to bank with them because they won't accept my trust as the beneficiary.I called them two days ago and the customer service rep told me I had to make my request through their online bank messaging system which I immediately did.A full 48 hours later, they haven't responded to my request so I called again and they told me the amount was too large so I had to transfer it electronically.The problem is, they limit electronic transfers to $5,000 per day so it'd take 52 business days to get my entire balance.I understand that they need to ask me personal questions to verify my identity when I withdrawal a large amount but they haven't even attempted to do this.I believe they just want to hang onto my money as long as they possibly can.I just finished filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve and BBB. Hopefully they can get my money back.


Feb 20, 2017 by

LADY IN THE REVIEW before mine sounds so retarded and remedial stuck up and stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!retard when you say them and they were you referring to the cs agents whomb im sure are not related to other agents excuse me bankers there so no "they"were probly just trying to get home to thier loved ones!every thing in this life is a prosses!!if you are old enough to open a dang bank acct you should no that?the people at the bank werent trying to take or hold your money wierdo!!!!!!!

Impossible to open an account


May 17, 2017 by

It is impossible to open an account. There is something wrong with their Credit Report verification process. I was presented with six questions and even with mi credit report in front of me they told me that all the answers were wrong. Never mind I have accounts on CapitalOne360, Ally, BankofInternet, DiscoverBank and BankMobile. The best was when I expressed my frustration not only because it is impossible to have all the questions wrong but also by asking them why they do not offer another way of verifying identity like a bank statement, copy of DL or a utility bill copy. They answered me that if there is something wrong in my credit report it is my problem; duh… there is nothing wrong with my identity your application process is buggy. Total disregard for customers.