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Don't Get a credit card through this bank


Jun 19, 2014 by

I recently lost my husband. He had two vehicle loans and a credit card through Twin Star. I have been paying the two loans and they are current. I was unaware of the credit card. Since I wasn't on any of the account they would not give me any information about them. I took the death certificate into the bank trying to do the right thing, wanting to continue paying the loans. I was told I could not assume the loans and they could call the loans due now. If they let me continue paying the account I had to lump them all together. Then I could not get a title for any vehicle separately until the entire loan was paid. What kind of compassion is this?! If you have a credit card through Twin Star they can lean all other loans/account until the card is paid in full. The bank said I pay all three accounts in full or they are coming to repo everything. If you have a credit card through this bank look at your contract. They can hold everything on a small credit card loan. I advice not to get a card through this bank. Twin Star is the only bank that does this. I called another credit union they said Twin Star is the only bank with this policy. I advise you to get rid of any Twin Star cards!!