This Free App Will Stay on Top of Your Bills (and Pay Them) for You

The Prism app can take care of everything but making the money.

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone is looking for someone to pay their bills for them. And, in the Prism app, you might be getting as close to that dream as you can reasonably expect. While you will still have to supply the actual money necessary, the bill payment app — owned by the company BillGO — claims it can take care of just about everything else.

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One App to Track and Pay All Your Bills

Prism is designed to act as your one platform that can organize all of your bills in a single place for easy access and a simple, comprehensive overview of what you owe to whom and when. The app also connects with select companies you owe money to and can execute payments from your bank account or credit card.

The main thing the app is offering is convenience. Rather than having to navigate a maze of different individual companies, each with their own logins, passwords and saved payment information, you’ll have one place where you can keep everything up to date and ensure you aren’t making any late payments.

A Better Way to Bank

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Even if you aren’t using the automatic payment functions, Prism might still offer some value simply as an informational tool. The app includes a calendar function where you can see when every bill is due, and you can also include information about income and account balances to give yourself a big-picture view of your finances. You can figure out if your bills might be too high for your salary or if you’re in danger of getting hit with an overdraft fee.

Free to Use With No Ads

The Prism app is free to use and doesn’t feature any ads, and there are no plans to change either of those policies anytime soon. The app makes money through fees paid by many billers or with the fees it charges you for using a credit or debit card when it’s not a supported action by the biller in question.

A Better Way to Bank

Being free to use, Prism does promise that it will always notify you when there are lower- or zero-cost payment options so you can make a choice, and that its transaction fees are only charged to you when it’s offering a payment method that’s not supported by the biller.

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It is important to note that — while there are over 11,000 billers connected with the app — some of your regular billing companies may not have signed up. Be sure to look into any companies you might not be able to pay through Prism.

Prism App Reviews Appear to Reflect Satisfied Users

As for how the app is working with users, the online reviews appear to be overwhelmingly positive. The iTunes app store features an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five on over 20,000 reviews and the Google Play store has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of five on just over 19,000 reviews. And while there are at least some reviews from disappointed customers who didn’t get the app to work best for them, the majority appeared to come from satisfied users who love having a simple, easy way to keep track of their monthly bills.

A Better Way to Bank

“We’ve had Prism for almost two years now & it’s changed our lives! This app helps streamline the bill payment process for any household,” wrote Liceny Espaillat in a review in the Google Play app store. “We set up payment for every other Friday (payday), and we’re done! We don’t worry about forgetting to pay random bills; we pay our bills early and better track our spending and savings. Best of all it’s free (or we incur a nominal fee for using other payment methods–which we have yet to). I encourage everyone I know to use this app.”

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Getting the right bill payment app for you is clearly a personal decision. Finding the right app can do wonders for your personal finances, but the wrong one might turn you off of careful budgeting or tracking your spending. But, with Prism costing you nothing to try it, having generally strong reviews and offering options for payment methods you wouldn’t necessarily have access to, this could prove to be extremely useful if you’re looking for a money management app to help organize your expenses.

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