What System Should I Use to Manage My Money Market Accounts?

If you have a money market account or accounts, you’re going to want to use a good, smart and easy software system to manage your money. It’s too complicated to try and do it on your own – not to mention time-consuming, and far more prone to mistakes in calculation and other “human” error. There are several systems available to manage your money market account, and all have their fans as well as detractors.

Some of the best money market account software programs available are made by Bent Tree (benttreesoftware.com), Fund Manager Software (fundmanagersoftware.com), Mint (mint.com), and FlyingBird Software (flyingbirdsoft.com). These systems are all devoted to helping you manage your money market accounts as well as other aspects of your financial life, and can really make staying on top of complicated financial transactions.

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Many software programs will cost you money, while others can be found on the Internet as freeware. There are dozens of options out there, so be sure to look around and read about them as much as you can. A great way to find the money market account software that’s right for you is by reading consumer feedback sites. You’ll be able to read about different people’s experiences with different software programs and get a first-hand sense of their strengths and weaknesses.

Another way to find the right software system to manage your money market accounts is by speaking directly with your financial advisor or a trusted bank representative. They’re working on the front lines of finance all day and every day, and should have some very good tips for you. Of course, if you have a financial advisor he or she may already be managing your money market accounts for you – and that’s definitely a convenient way to get the job done, if you can afford it – but if they’re not, they should have some good ideas on where to look.

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