National Rate Study: Banks with the Best Interest Rates of 2012

National Rate Study: Banks with the Best Interest Rates of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close and we head into a new year, many people are setting new year’s resolutions to make smart choices in 2013 and improve their lives. Many of these resolutions will center around saving more money, and what better way to meet this goal than open an account with one of the highest interest rates today?

Go Banking Rates performed a study of the deposit interest rates offered by the more than 4,000 banks and credit unions in it’s interest rate database to determine where the top rates on savings accounts and certificates of deposit in the U.S. can be found. Below are the national averages for interest rates on savings accounts, 6-month CDs, 1-year CDs and 2-year CDs, as well as the top ten financial institutions currently offering the best interest rates in each category.

Interest Rates Today: National Averages

Account Type APY
6-Month CD 0.32
1-Year CD 0.47
2-Year CD 0.70
Savings Account 0.21

Best Savings Account Rates in U.S.

Best Bank Interest Rates

Institution Name Savings Rate City State
Biscayne Bank 1.00 Miami FL
Puerto Rico Credit Union 1.01 San Juan PR
State Farm Federal Credit Union 1.01 Bakersfield CA
Telhio Credit Union 1.01 Hilliard OH
Delaware Alliance Credit Union 1.05 New Caste DE
People’s First Federal Credit Union 1.25 Tarrant AL
Salem Five Direct 1.25 Salem MA
Corps Of Engineers Credit Union 1.26 Fort Worth TX
Houston Police Credit Union 1.51 Houston TX
Twinstar Credit Union 1.60 Renton WA

Today’s Best CD Rates

Institution Name 6-Mo CD Rate City State
Houston Police Credit Union 1.06 Houston TX
Suma Yonkers Credit Union 1.06 New Haven CT
Nexity Bank 1.07 Birmingham AL
Mile High Banks 1.08 Denver CO
Navy Army Credit Union 1.10 Beeville TX
CoastalStates Bank 1.15 Bluffton SC
Fraternal Order Of Police Credit Union 1.16 Tulsa OK
Puerto Rico Credit Union 1.25 San Juan PR
Riverfork Federal Credit Union 1.40 Grand Forks ND
Metropolitan Service Credit Union 1.47 Philadelphia PA

interest rates today

Institution Name 1-Yr CD Rate City State
Georgia Primary Bank 1.30 Atlanta GA
CoastalStates Bank 1.35 Bluffton SC
Navy Army Credit Union 1.35 Beeville TX
Kauai Teachers Credit Union 1.50 Lihue HI
Puerto Rico Credit Union 1.50 San Juan PR
Riverdale Credit Union 1.50 Selma AL
Kauai Government Employees Credit Union 1.56 Lihue HI
Riverfork Federal Credit Union 1.60 Grand Forks ND
Goodyear-Danville Family Credit Union 1.76 Danville VA
Metropolitan Service Credit Union 1.86 Philadelphia PA

cd rates

Institution Name 2-Yr CD Rate City State
City-County Credit Union 1.66 Brooklyn Center MN
Georgia Primary Bank 1.75 Atlanta GA
Navy Army Credit Union 1.75 Beeville TX
Puerto Rico Credit Union 1.75 San Juan PR
Telco Credit Union 1.75 Elmira NY
Encompass Credit Union 1.76 Frankfort IN
Kauai Government Employees Credit Union 1.76 Lihue HI
Preferred Credit Union 1.76 Greenville MI
Riverfork Federal Credit Union 1.90 Grand Forks ND
Metropolitan Service Credit Union 2.32 Philadelphia PA

If your goal is to save more money in 2013, make sure you’re maximizing your deposits by earning competitive interest rates. You can view more local interest rates by visiting the Go Banking Rates Interest Rates Table and sort by the type of account you’re interested in opening.

Note that the savings and CD rates used in this study are as of November 30, 2012, based on institutions’ online published rates, and may have changed since this date. Before opening an account, please verify rates with individual financial institutions and be sure to review all terms and conditions.

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