Can I Dispute Savings Account-Related Fees?

Americans are fortunate enough to have consumer advocacy groups and forums to help voice their concerns about the unfair treatment by corporations – should issues ever occur. Knowing such, can help assure you that indeed you can dispute savings account-related fees. However, despite the legitimacy of your complaint, you may not win your battle. If however, you are choosing to dispute savings account-related fees, there are some proper steps and measures to take to help the process move more easily.

Consumers need to know the rules that apply to their savings accounts before even disputing the issue. If you think you were unfairly charged a penalty, review the terms of the account. That information should be easily available on the banks website or in printed collateral material at a local branch office. Read the information carefully and if you do not see your situation in print, you have a base for your complaint.

Then next step is to talk (either by phone or face-to-face) with a bank representative. Clearly and calmly explain your case and provide them with a copy of their own rules to help further make your point. Remember to document the name of the representative you spoke to, the time and place and the results of the conversation as this information may be needed further down the road. If they agree with you, good job if not you take your case to dispute the savings account-related fees to a higher authority.

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The next step would be speaking to a manager. At this time you should have an excellent case built with detailed notes to prove your cause. By approaching the higher authority in a calm and collected manner, you may make progress in disputing your savings account-related fees. Again, document every conversation and pay special attending to the pertinent information.

Hopefully at this point you have won your case and have received a refund for disputing your savings account-related fees. If however, this has not worked, you can continue the dispute by writing a detailed letter (using all your notes as points of reference) and mail your dispute directly to someone with higher authority in the bank, such as the Director of Client Services, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, etc. Higher authority figures do not want to be troubled by the day-to-day operations and your dispute will certainly get the attention.

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Can I Dispute Savings Account-Related Fees?
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