High Yield Savings Account Rates Deal at WTDirect

What are your needs for a savings account? Most banks offer very standard savings accounts with pretty low rates these days – where you could find rates of about anywhere between 0.10% to 0.50%. However, if you’re looking for a bank that will guarantee you with the highest rates whether rain or shine, gives you that personal touch of the traditional ways of banking – where when you call a “real” person is speaking to you and not a machine, assures you that you don’t have to worry about your bank going under
(WTDirect has been around for 105 years – making it one of the strongest bank still standing today), and appreciates your business with them by sending you gifts, then WTDirect may be the answer to all your sophisticated needs.

Currently, WTDirect is offering a competitive high yield savings account for 1.76% APY. To qualify for the 1.76% rate the required initial balance is $10,000 dollars. You may also qualify for some bonus money if you are a new customer using the “WFIT” promotional code on the opening application form. The break down of the bonuses are:

  • For $10,000 balance there is a $25 dollar bonus
  • For $20,000 balance there is a $50 dollar bonus
  • For $30,000 balance there is a $75 dollar bonus
  • For $40,000 balance there is a $100 dollar bonus
  • For $50,000 balance there is a $150 dollar bonus

Now if you think the initial $10,000 dollars is too high of an amount for you – don’t sweat it, try to save as much as you can and then open an account with WTDirect when you do have the money. The whole point is to help grow your personal financial wealth, not have to worry about losing your hard earn money, and reduce financial stress by knowing you will get great competitive interest rates through any kind of economic crisis from a sound and strong bank that has lived through 20 recessions, a couple of World Wars, and a Great Depression.

It’s your call to save money and secure your financial future.