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ATMs are extremely convenient if you need to make quick financial transactions, such as making a withdrawal for a cash-only event or checking your balance before a night out. While ATMs are popular in many locations, you may need help finding an ATM near you if you’re unfamiliar with the area. If you are looking for an ATM close to you, these maps and resources can help.

What Is An ATM?

ATM is an automated teller machine, which is used to complete simple banking transactions. Using your bank card and PIN, you can withdraw cash and check your balance. Some ATMs provide additional options, such as depositing cash into your account or making transfers between your accounts.

However, ATMs are generally limited in their uses and how much money can be processed at one time or in one day. For example, some banks may limit their accountholders to withdrawing no more than $500 from an ATM in one day.

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ATM Near Me

With almost 50 ATMs per 100,000 people around the world, finding one close by is very easy. The simplest ways are using Google Maps or checking your bank’s website. Simply searching for “ATMs near me” on Google will result in a list of the closest ATMs.

Some of the most common locations for ATMs include:

Remember that not all ATMs will have the same features. Some may only permit withdrawals, others may permit only cash deposits and others may even allow check deposits.

Use an ATM Locator

You can also use an ATM locator to find a machine in your area. Try using one of these:

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Good To Know

While most ATMs are available to a multitude of card types, others may only accept cards from certain banks. You should consult your bank information to see what type of ATM to look for.

Can I Withdraw Cash from Any ATM?

You can usually withdraw cash from any ATM, though you may be charged an additional fee by both your bank and the ATM operator if you’re using an out-of-network ATM. Most banks will have an ATM available for their account holders, which makes it easier to find an ATM that won’t charge you a fee.

Many debit cards will work with multiple types of ATMs, including the ones found at other banks. However, you may not be able to perform certain tasks, such as depositing funds, at an ATM operated by a bank where you are not an account holder.

How Much Are ATM Fees?

Most banks will provide cardholders with a way to use ATMs without paying fees. However, if you exceed your withdrawal limits or use an out-of-network ATM, you may need to pay fees. Some typical ATM fees include:

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Each of these fees will vary based on the institution, but typically vary between $0 and $5 each. Many banks will reimburse ATM fees for a certain number of transactions to attract customers.

Where Can I Use an ATM Without a Fee?

The easiest way to avoid ATM fees completely is to use an ATM that is operated by your bank or, if your bank doesn’t operate its own ATMs, an ATM that is part of a network your bank participates in.

You can also find fee-free ATMs — like Allpoint and MoneyPass, among others — but you may still have to pay a fee to your bank, unless your account comes with waived ATM fees.

Find an ATM Near Me

Whether you need to make a quick withdrawal or transfer funds from your savings to a checking account, it’s likely that you’re close to an ATM that will allow you to easily complete these transactions. Use Google or an online ATM locator to search for an ATM near you, or visit a popular store in the area.

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