Best Banks 2016

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Every day, we make choices that majorly impact our lives — where we work, who we spend time with, what we do in our free time. But one of the most important choices we will ever make might be less obvious: where we bank.

Choosing a bank in 2016 is more critical than ever. As interest rates rise, bank fees grow and the country’s largest generation struggles with crippling student loan debt, the best place to put your money is something you need to know whether you’re 18 or 88.

In order to help readers determine the best bank for their needs, GOBankingRates examined more than 120 financial institutions with the goal of identifying the best. Banks were judged according to several factors and placed into one or more of the following categories: Best Savings Account, Best Checking Account, Best CD Account, Best Online Bank and Best National Bank.

Criteria such as annual percentage yield (APY), monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance requirements and BauerFinancial Star Ratings for overall financial strength were considered. Read more about our methodologies in each ranking report.

Are You Working With the Best Banks?

For the fourth year in a row, our team of researchers at GOBankingRates conducted an extensive study on 120 national and online banks offering service throughout the U.S. We have pored over the data to bring you the list of the Best Banks of 2016. Here are just a few factors we evaluated to bring you this year’s top banks — check it out.

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