Car Loan Tips


Building credit gives you the financial freedom to get a mortgage, buy a car and make other large purchases, but good credit doesn’t happen overnight. Find out what good credit is and how to get it.

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Before taking out a loan, it’s important to do your homework. Make sure you’re getting the best terms and rates by reading expert advice on GOBankingRates before you take out a loan you can’t afford.

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Interest Rates

Sometimes you want a high interest rate; sometimes you want a low interest rate. Find out when you can make interest rates work for you — such as in a high-yield savings account — and know when to be cautious of APRs.

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New Car Loans

New car loans are one of several types of auto loans. When you borrow money to finance a vehicle from a lender, the financial institution considers the car collateral, so make sure you make your payments.

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Understanding Car Loans

When the time comes to buy a new or used vehicle, some people have no choice but to apply for financing through a bank or credit union. If it weren’t for car loans, these folks might never get the keys to a new vehicle. Although auto lending is a common practice, not everyone gets the best terms or the lowest rates.

A car is one of the biggest expenses you might have — next to buying a house — so it's important to negotiate a loan payment you can afford. Sometimes, the ticket to affordability is getting the most favorable interest rate.

GOBankingRates’ experts seek to improve the car-buying experience by providing you with various online resources and tools. You can read up on advice and tips on everything related to car loans, from qualifying for the best rates to paying off the loan early.