Jeep Renegade to Honda Civic: 36 Cars You Can Finance for Under $300

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  • Amit Ojha

    Really Helpful

  • Reese

    I’m sad not to see Subaru on this list.

  • Elyssa Kirkham

    I own a Nissan Versa, it’s a 2008 and has more than 100k miles. It’s been very reliable and even gas efficient, and definitely a high-value purchase considering it has such a low MSRP.

  • Frank

    Don’t forget to add tax, document fees, dealer prep and destination charges. You can end up adding another two thousand dollars to the cost of purchasing some of these cars. Most of the prices listed here may be for cars with manual transmissions. If you buy a car with a manual trans and plan on keeping the car for a long time you may need to put a new clutch in the car at around 100K miles more or less depending on how you drive your car.
    Make sure you read the whole contract before you sign. If you see something in the contract that you didn’t agree to,demand to have it taken off. You always have the power to walk out of the dealership. Even after you sign the contract, some states still give you a day to back out of the deal.

  • Gloria Buck

    I bought a 2014 jeep patriot 17 months ago. I lost my fiancee 6 mos ago. My payments are 398. A month because I signed up for all the extra warranties. Is there a way to lower my payment. I haven’t been late on any payment

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