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GOBankingRates wholeheartedly adopts a remote-first methodology. We are dedicated to ensuring effortless collaboration among our team members scattered across multiple continents.

JustGO encapsulates our powerful philosophy of thriving on action and fearless pursuit of goals that often pave the way to success and breakthroughs. It’s an attitude that fuels the company culture, inspiring everyone to push boundaries, take initiative, and not hold back.

Our Leadership

Running a fast-growing and dynamic digital organization is very rewarding. Working with such a collection of amazing and diverse team members helps me continue to grow and learn every day as a leader. My vision is to continue to build something special here at GOBankingRates, and we are well on our way.

Brett Rossmann

Chief Executive Officer

I am focused on the relentless pursuit of making GOBankingRates great for our clients and partners and for our Team, which makes it all happen. The magnitude of opportunity for us is inspiring as well as an incredible motivator to grow and evolve our company to become a leading innovator in the digital marketing and content space.

Jeff Bartlett


My goal is to build an incredible team of talented, hardworking and passionate people who like to see each other win and grow. The diverse group that makes up GOBankingRates is our engine and reason for all of our success. My job is to continue to make GOBankingRates a great company to be a part of for everyone.

Tanya Bustamante

Chief Operating Officer

I’m making data driven decisions daily in order to best match our internal capabilities with client and advertiser driven opportunities in the most efficient and cost effective way. I thrive on relationship building and surpassing growth goals for our strategic partnerships.

Kelly Macdonald

Vice President, Customer Acquisition

The possibilities within GOBankingRates are endless; it is truly a place where anyone who is passionate can find opportunity at all levels. Here you can make a big impact to the company’s success. It is a place for people looking forward to rapid career and learning growth, with exciting new challenges everyday. Working with our smart and talented people across different expertise fields has kept me here all these years.

Jennie Bui

Vice President, Paid Search

My department is uniquely positioned at the cross-section of analytics and yield management, where we extract actionable insights from the deep well of available data to constantly advance the needle across the full range of our company’s key performance indicators. I feel privileged to work alongside so many talented and unique individuals who come together and prove that the whole is truly more than just the sum of its parts every day.

Amy Shinn

Head of Analytics and Yield

Overseeing both the strategy and operational aspects of the credit card vertical means I get to bring together all of our talented teams to deliver on our goals. We are rapidly increasing our reach, connecting consumers with content that will help them make informed financial decisions, and delivering quality new cardholders to credit card issuers.

Molly Gaines

General Manager, Credit Cards (Card Critics)

The talented team and cutting-edge technologies at GOBankingRates empower me to achieve success. The opportunities to grow and scale within are endless. GOBankingRates’ autonomous environment encourages me to make data-driven decisions and process optimizations for seamless execution and delivery of our products.

Helen Evers

Director of Technical and Product Operations

Our design-first strategy places a premium on elevating our brand’s profile. Through the continuous enhancement of user experience, guided by insightful data-driven decisions, we cultivate a reliable bond that motivates our users to keep choosing GOBankingRates. By streamlining our revenue channels, we’re not only setting industry standards but also driving us toward unprecedented achievements.

Kourtney Goody

Head of Design

We are a team who helps assure the quality of our products, processes, and configurations with the help of technology. I love that we are involved in every phase of the project life cycle – starting from the kick-off stage. It helps us prepare efficient strategies & deliver our initiatives in a timely manner, with the highest quality.

Trincy Thomas

Head of Quality Assurance

Growth Spotlight

Team Members Who Have Evolved with Our Company Over Time

Gaby Olya

Lead Writer & Editor

What I have loved about working for GOBankingRates is that I was able to carve a career path that allowed me to move up without having to give up writing…

Helen Evers

Director of Tech and Product Operations

I first started as a project manager/scrum master within the tech and product team. As I got up to speed I embraced challenges and sought opportunities…

Kelly Macdonald

Vice President of Customer Acquisition

I transitioned from an independent
contributor to a manager role.. My team now manages over $80 Million in paid media annually across multiple financial verticals…

Neelam Michalow

Culture & Engagement

The more I collaborated with HR culture initiatives, I realized that a role in supporting company culture and people was where my true passions lies…

Get To Know The Perks

Our employees found work-life balance is important and achievable when working from home. We are fully remote first company with an entire remote workforce. We do our best work, together, with team members working all over the world.

Remote First

Do your best work exactly where you are now.

Insurance Coverage and Retirement

Our comprehensive coverage includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Prep for retirement now with our 401(k) plan, too.

Student Loan Assistance

We offer tuition reimbursement and more student loan assistance.

Competitive Compensation

Generous compensation and performance bonus opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Experience and participate in companywide events each quarter designed with your mental and physical health in mind.


An environment in which people learn, improve and thrive

Team-Building Programs

Join us for companywide team-building events and receive monthly rewards.

Family Planning Perks

Focus on your family with maternity and parental leave. Adoption Assistance, UIU, IVF and more.

What We’re Looking for in Our Talent

Essential Characteristics for Success


Utilize data and analytics to gain insights, identify trends, and make informed choices that are based on empirical evidence rather than solely on intuition or opinion.


The strength to bounce back from setbacks, learn from failure, and keep moving forward in the face of adversity.


Consistently demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and integrity. This individual takes ownership of their actions and decisions, whether they lead to success or require improvement.


Prioritizes the end result. They set clear objectives and develop effective plans to reach those objectives, and efficiently allocating resources to ensure success.


A person who exhibits unwavering perseverance and exceptional grit, demonstrating a readiness to go above and beyond in their relentless pursuit of their goals.


Being able to learn and ask the right questions. To accept feedback, and not take it personal


The capability to adjust strategies and tactics when facing new challenges, changes in the environment, or unexpected obstacles.


The ability to think strategically, plan ahead, and foresee the implications of actions and decisions.


Encouraging new ideas, being open to change, and fostering an environment where innovation can thrive.


A deep curiosity and eagerness to learn, constantly seeking new knowledge and understanding through questions and exploration.

Positive Mindset

Consistently approaches life with optimism and a belief in positive outcomes. They are resilient in the face of challenges, often focusing on solutions and opportunities for growth rather than dwelling on problems.

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