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About Student Checking Accounts

Student checking accounts are checking accounts that are specifically geared toward students aged 18 and older. While similar to regular checking accounts, there are a few key advantages to student checking accounts. Make sure to research the requirements for student checking accounts in your area, as they can vary from bank to bank.

Advantages of Student Checking Accounts

When you’re just getting started on your own, having access to a checking account is important. Student checking accounts provide advantages to students that regular checking accounts might not. For starters, student checking accounts are normally free. Usually the minimum balance requirements are low and there are added features. For example, your first order of checks might come free. There might also be lower fees associated with the account overall.

Picking a Student Checking Account

Choosing the right student checking account is important. Not only do you want to choose an account that offers the lowest fees, you also want to choose a bank you could see yourself with for many years. Once you no longer qualify for a student checking account, you’ll need to switch to the bank’s regular checking account. You can switch banks too, if you find an account with another bank that better suits your needs.

At GOBankingRates, you can research and find student checking accounts in your area. Check out GOBankingRates’ guides on student checking accounts to learn more. You can also read articles about better managing your personal finances. Read advice from finance experts and learn how to manage a budget loaded with student loans.