How to Get a Better Credit Card with Pre-Approved Offers

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Hi, I’m Brendan from If you’re anything like me you get a lot of these pre-approved credit card offers in the mail … that was just from this morning.

When you’re shopping for a new credit card these can actually be pretty useful. First, they’re called “pre-approved offers” because if you get one you can be sure you’ll be approved for that card if you apply for it. Now, if something happens to hurt your credit between the time they send you the offer and the time you go to apply, you could be denied because they’ll take that new development into account.

Pre-approvals also tend to come with better terms or benefits than what you’ll find publicly offered on issuer’s websites. Check out this offer I got from American Express, which would give me 50,000 introductory bonus points. That’s double what they’re currently offering on their website and it means an extra $250 — easy money.

You can actually go to the websites of most major credit card issuers and check to see if you’re pre-approved for any of their cards. They’ll ask for a bit of personal information, but don’t worry, checking your pre-approval offers like this is completely free and it won’t hurt your credit at all. Thanks for watching, visit for more.

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How to Get a Better Credit Card with Pre-Approved Offers
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