Credit Card Payments Made Easy

Linking your credit card to your bank account can help save you lots of time and money. By linking the accounts it will enable you to pay your credit card bills automatically every pay cycle. This is especially helpful for people who are forgetful and end up having miss payments and late charges – which ultimately is bad for your credit score.

In order to link your credit card to your bank account, you need to have an online credit card account. If you have a credit card but don’t have the online account set up yet – you can set up a new online credit card account by going to the credit card company’s web page and set up the account there . Once you’ve logged on to your online credit card account, you should find a link that asks for your banking information. Generally, you will find this on the make a payment option – where there will be a list of payment options. One of which will include automatic payment. When you click on this option you should be brought to a page that asks you for your banking information and a confirmation that you authorize the credit card to automatically withdraw money fromĀ  your bank account every billing cycle. Make sure you follow the specific instructions that the form asks. When you are done with the form and submit – you should receive a confirmation email stating that your submission was successful. If you don’t receive the confirmation letter and have difficulty setting up this type of payment, you can also call the CSR to help you. After you’ve set up the automatic payment, you don’t have to worry about miss payments anymore – just be sure there are enough funds in your bank account to cover the credit card bill. And never forget to check in on your account now and again to make sure everything is going accordingly.

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Now that you know how easy it is to set up automatic payment for your credit card – what are you waiting for? Do it!

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