Negotiating with Creditors

The economic crisis occurring in this country today has spurred different options for people to stay afloat. Many Americans have had to be creative with their financing in order to keep payment schedules. One of these options is negotiating with creditors. There are a few different options you can approach when attempting this type of negotiation.

Negotiate a Lower APR on Your Credit Cards

One of the most common negotiations you can approach is getting a lower APR on you credit cards. First, you must check your statement to see what your rate is. If you have seen lower advertised rates, you may wish to call your credit card company to negotiate a lower rate. Credit card companies want your business and it is in their best interest to keep you as a customer. If you have always paid your bills on time and have been a long-standing customer, your creditors should be willing to negotiate with you.

Setting up a Payment Plan

Many of us have hit a financial rough patch and need to reevaluate our payment structures. In this economy, many creditors are willing to renegotiate payment plans in order to keep regular payment coming in. It’s important to consult your creditors or financial advisor to ensure you are doing everything that you can to pay off creditors in a timely manner while still living within your means. When you take responsibility for your debt and you are able to pay it off consistently, creditors may be more willing to negotiate with you.

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The most important thing to remember is that you keep paying your creditors on schedule. The last thing you need is to become default on a payment and incur fees or penalties. It’s better to negotiate with your creditors and keep paying what little you can then to run from the problem as that can only make things worse.

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Negotiating with Creditors
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