Top Ranking Most Popular Credit Cards

You have realized that is time to expand your choices for credit and to branch out by applying for a couple new cards. It has been a while, and since you are not really familiar with all the credit card options out there, knowing what the most popular types of credit cards that are available can help you narrow your search.

Some of the benefits of the top ranking credit cards are:
The array of perks and benefits of the most popular credit cards are astounding. By carefully analyzing your own shopping and pay-off behaviors, and combining it with a card that would best suit your needs, you can make the popular credit cards work for you.

  • 0% APR- Zero interest rate for a limited time
  • Bad Credit- Those with bad or no credit can get credit cards, be aware the interest rates are very high
  • Balance Transfer- Credit cards that allow you to transfer the balance of an existing debt onto a card with a lower interest rate
  • Business- Credit cards set up to service the needs of business such as multiple cards and business specific rewards
  • Low Interest- Low APR interest rate cards
  • Pre Paid- The look and act like a credit card, but these cards require you to put money into an account in advance. Then you spend your own money, not against a line of credit
  • Rewards- For those who want additional perks for paying of their bills. Those with accounts in good standing can get cash-back, gas, airline miles or free merchandise
  • Secured- these cards are useful for those who have bad credit or who are trying to build a credit history as collateral is required for a line of credit.
  • Student- With low interest rates and flexible repayment options, this is a good way for Junior to start building his credit history

Earn More Perks From Your Credit Card

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