Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard Review

Should you add this travel credit card to your wallet?

If you’re a frequent traveler, the right travel rewards card can help you save a lot of money. One such card is the Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard, which offers a straightforward way to earn miles with American Airlines AAdvantage. If your preferred airline is American Airlines and you travel frequently, the Gold World Elite Mastercard could be your ticket to major savings on your travel costs.

Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard at a Glance
Key Features
  • Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent
  • 25 percent off on in-flight food and beverage purchases on American Airlines
  • Earn frequent flier miles from using your credit card
  • Access Citi Private Pass and Citi Concierge
  • Up to 5,000 fewer miles necessary for flights if you have this card
  • Variable APR; inquire with creditor
  • $50 annual fee
Information accurate as of Sept. 7, 2018.

In this review, you’ll learn more about the Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard, including:

Earn More Perks From Your Credit Card

What You Need to Know About the Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard

You’ll earn miles with the America Airlines AAdvantage Program for your spending. In addition, you’ll receive discounts when you redeem your miles and get discounts on in-flight food and beverages because of your AAdvantage gold status.

Best For: Frequent travelers who plan on flying American for the foreseeable future

Best Features of Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard

Frequent American Airlines fliers will get the Gold World Elite card’s best benefits. Not only can you rack up miles and use them to score free flights, but there’s also the added bonus of being able to knock as many as 5,000 miles off your airfare just for having the card.

Not to mention, the 25 percent discount on in-flight snacks and meals can definitely add up and turn this into a worthwhile card for loyal American Airlines customers.

Earn More Perks From Your Credit Card

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Other Considerations With a Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard

One important note here is that the phrase “miles” used in the AAdvantage program is a misnomer: it does not refer to actual miles. It’s really just what they’re calling the points you need to redeem travel, and you will likely need a lot more “miles” than the actual distance you’re traveling. You should also note that there are restrictions on when and where you can redeem your miles, so some degree of flexibility on travel dates is important to get full value from this card.

This is also a card with an annual fee. And while $50 only works out to $4.17 a month, make sure that you would get at least $50 worth of flights or food and drink discounts each year before considering this card.

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Earn More Perks From Your Credit Card

Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard Is Best for Frequent American Airlines Passengers

The benefits of a Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite Mastercard are fairly specific, and you should be a regular American Airlines customer — or be willing to become one — before considering this card.

However, if you already fly American with some frequency, the additional miles, discounts on in-flight purchases and flights purchased with redeemed miles should prove to be a great fit for your lifestyle.

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