3 Ways to Pay Your Toys R Us Credit Card Bill

Choose the best way to make a Toys R Us credit card payment.

You’ve probably shopped at Toys R Us for the kids in your life — and you’re not alone. The toy retailing giant was one of the 25 largest private companies in 2016, with revenue of $11.5 billion, according to Forbes. Find out how to pay your Toys R Us credit card bill so you can get rewards for using one of the best store credit cards.

Toys R Us Credit Card Benefits

You can choose a Toys R Us credit card that is only accepted at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores, or you can choose a Toys R Us Mastercard, which you can use anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Both cards are issued by Synchrony Bank.

The Toys R Us rewards credit card gives you 15 percent off your first-day purchases or special financing with no interest for six months on purchases over $299. You also get two points per $1 spent, which is double the points of the Rewards R Us loyalty program. You’ll also get a 10 percent discount every Thursday through Feb. 1, 2018, plus up to 10 percent off purchases from your Babies R Us registry and access to special promotions.

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How to Make a Toys R Us Credit Card Payment

Earn More Perks From Your Credit Card

Making a payment on your Toys R Us credit card is easy. Choose one of three Toys R Us credit card bill pay methods:

  • Online
  • Mail
  • Phone

You’ll always get 23 days after your billing cycle ends to make your payment. Pay in full by the due date to avoid interest charges.

How to Make a Toys R Us Credit Card Payment Online

Follow these steps to pay your Toys R Us credit card from your computer, phone or tablet:

  1. Register your account on the Toys R Us website. You’ll need your Toys R Us credit card number.
  2. Once you’ve created your user ID and password, you can log in to your account.
  3. Click on “Make a Payment.”
  4. Enter the amount of your payment and the date you want to pay if it’s not today.
  5. Enter your bank routing number and checking account number. These numbers can be found at the bottom of your check.
  6. Click “Submit.”

How to Make a Toys R Us Credit Card Payment by Mail

Follow these steps to pay your bill by mail:

  1. Write your account number on your check.
  2. Mail your check and the payment coupon from your statement in the envelope included in your statement.
  3. If you don’t have your statement, mail your check to the appropriate address:

Toys R Us MasterCard
P.O. Box 530939
Atlanta, GA 30353


Toys R Us Card
P.O. Box 530938
Atlanta, GA 30353

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How to Make a Toys R Us Credit Card Payment by Phone

  1. Have your checking account number and routing number handy before calling the number for the type of card you have:
  • Toys R Us Mastercard: 855-389-2539
  • Toys R Us Credit Card: 855-389-2365

These bill payment options make it easy to pay your Toys R Us credit card on time so it will always be available for those important toy purchases.

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