Hotel Rewards Cards: Hidden Perks

Hotel rewards cards have more hidden perks than you might have originally thought. The world is a great big place and for those who dream of traveling and seeing it all, and a hotel reward credit card may make the task infinitely easier.

Credit card issuers have plenty of credit card rewards options for people to choose from. However, for those seeking genuine happiness, a hotel reward card may ultimately be the best bet.  The hidden perks and incentives will enhance your vacation experience and can provide you with memories that will contribute to a greater sense of happiness.

Hotel Credit Card Perks

Flights and accommodations make up the largest parts of a travel budget, and driving to your destination and showing loyalty to your selected hotel chain will help make it all more affordable. Hotel rewards cards work just like other types of reward cards. Consumers who use the cards accrue points for every dollar they spend. Once a certain amount of points are saved, a whole new world of perks and services are yours for the taking. The perks you can receive from your hotel reward credit card vary both by card issuer and hotel chain, but may include such benefits as:

  • Free meals, beverages and snacks
  • Early check in times
  • Late check out times
  • Free room upgrades
  • Complimentary room stays
  • Spa treatments
  • Free on-site parking
  • Shopping credits that can be used to buy gifts and souvenirs
  • Consumer protection offered by the card issuer
  • Hotel points may be able to be converted to airline miles

If you are contemplating taking advantage of the benefits of a hotel reward card, make sure to choose a card from a hotel chain that you absolutely adore.

Signing up for the hotelier’s club program will help you reap even more rewards and freebies along the way. When it comes to hotel reward credit cards, loyalty pays. The more you use your card for day-to-day expenses and travel at your favorite hotel chain, the more hidden perks and incentives you can earn.