United Miles Value: How Much Are Your Miles Worth?

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When pursuing travel rewards, it’s helpful to understand how much the miles or points you are accumulating are worth. After all, you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for every dollar spent on your credit card purchases. United Miles are a popular way to pursue free travel through travel rewards credit cards. But most people holding United Miles have one important question, how much are the United Miles worth?

How Much Are United Miles Worth?

In general, many experts estimate United Miles are worth approximately 1.2 cents per mile. But the exact value of your United Miles varies based on your redemption choices. For example, you might earn a better redemption rate when booking an upgraded cabin ticket.

Where Can You Use United Miles?

The United MileagePlus program centers on plane travel awards. While you can redeem miles for United Airlines flights, that’s not the only option. In addition to United Airlines, you can redeem your points for flights on a wide range of partner airlines.

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Beyond flights, you can use these miles to book hotels, rental cars and cruises. If you aren’t interested in traveling, you can redeem the points for shopping, gift cards and experiences through the MileagePlus portal.

The wide range of redemption options makes it difficult to nail down the value of a single United Mile. Instead, the type of redemption you pursue will have an impact on the value of your experience.

How To Maximize the Value of Your United Miles

If you are looking to get the most out of your United Miles, there are several strategies you can employ. With a bit of flexibility and some luck, you might be able to glean a value of much more than 1.2 cents per point from your United Miles.

Here are some ways to maximize the value of your United Miles:

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How To Earn United Miles

All this talk about United Miles might spark your interest in earning more travel rewards. If you are looking to accumulate United Miles, the following credit cards are worth consideration:

While these aren’t the only credit cards that offer a way to earn United Miles, they are some of the best options. But make sure to explore all of your travel reward credit card options before diving in.


United Miles can help you pay for travel costs around the world. While the exact value of your United Miles may vary, you can do your homework to make sure you are getting the most value out of your points.

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding United Miles.
  • How much are 10,000 United Miles worth?
    • A United Mile is worth roughly 1.2 cents, so 10,000 United Miles would equate to $120. But your exact value varies based on your redemption selections.
  • How much are 1,000 United points worth?
    • Knowing that one United Mile is worth 1.2 cents, 1,000 United Miles would equal $12. However, you'll determine the exact value of your points upon redemption.
  • How much are 60,000 United Miles worth?
    • The value of one United Mile is about 1.2 cents, so 60,000 United Miles will equate to $720. Depending on your redemption choices, you might tap into a value higher or lower than this ballpark estimate.
  • How much are 100,000 United Miles worth?
    • A United Mile is worth 1.2 cents, so 100,000 United Miles would equal $1,200. Keep in mind that the value of miles varies across different reward programs.

    Information is accurate as of Jan. 25, 2023. 

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