Credit Card Protection Basics

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The old expression “loose lips sink ships,” is a perfect metaphor for why you should protect your personal details very carefully. If you let personal tidbits out, you may be contributing of your “credit-ship.” There are some very simple yet effective techniques consumers need to take in order to protect their credit card information from being swiped unknowingly.

  • Keep your personal details secret and do not share your PIN code information with anyone nor write your numbers down anywhere as someone could access your personal files and steal that information
  • Make sure that spare credit cards are locked away or hidden well as keeping access to all  your credit lines in one place (like your wallet) is just an invitation for disaster
  • Destroy all traces of credit card evidence like an expired card, receipts and old statements by using a paper shredder as many times criminals look through dumpsters to find information they can steal
  • Never give your credit card information to a cold caller  as they can be a con artist and if you are planning to give your account number over the phone, make sure no one can hear your conversation
  • Never follow an link through an email and provide your account number as it may be a phishing scam
  • When you go out to shop or dine keep an eye on your credit card at all times as many times unethical cashiers have machines nearby that they can run your card through and swap your account number
  • Check your credit card statements faithfully to ensure that no unauthorized charges have been made
  • Check with your homeowners or renters insurance policy and add fraud coverage to your policy to protect you just in case

Being aware of your surroundings at all times and respecting your own privacy rights is the best way to provide yourself with credit card protection. Be careful and good luck!


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