How Credit Bureaus Sell Your Information

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credit-report-soldYour credit score is a powerful tool.  It can help you lease an apartment, buy a home or obtain an insurance policy.

Your name, birth date, social security number and employment history are all contained in your credit history. Credit bureaus have the right to sell this information in some instances and it is important to know all of the facts. While credit bureaus have the right to sell your information to some institutions, they are prohibited from selling to others.

Who Do Credit Bureaus Sell My Information To?

Credit bureaus have the right to sell your information to certain companies offering “pre-approved” or “firm” credit.

Every time you get an offer in the mail for a “pre-approved” credit card, this is based on the information sold by one of the big three credit bureaus. This is very common practice and is legal.

Credit bureaus do not, however, have the right to sell your personal information for direct marketing purposes. If you feel your information has been shared irresponsibly, contact one of the credit bureaus for more information.

How to Limit Your Credit Information From being Sold By Credit Bureaus

Although it is legal for credit bureaus to sell your credit information in certain instances, you may opt out of this practice. By contacting, you can have your name removed from the list sold to companies offering “pre-approved” credit. This will not affect your credit score.

Identity theft and fraud run rampant in today’s world. It is vital that you protect yourself and keep your credit information from getting into the wrong hands.

Check Your Credit Today

By doing a little research and knowing all of the facts, you can be sure that you and your family are safe from fraud. The practice of selling certain information by a credit bureau shouldn’t threaten the health of your credit score but it is up to you to know where your information is being shared.


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