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Frustrated couple checking bills at home using laptop.
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10 Things to Do Now If Your Credit Score Is Under 700

Young Asian woman having problems with her credit card and looking worried. Financial issues, banking, finance, credit card fraud stock photo

Feeling Overwhelmed With Debt? Here Are 14 Ways To Improve Your Financial Future

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Save For Your Future

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Man and woman, married senior couple calculating finance bills at home.

Social Security: 8.7% COLA Increase for 2023 Largest In Four Decades – Will It Be Enough?

Inflation was still red hot in August, and not-for-profit advocacy group The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) said that it anticipates the Social Security cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) to be 8.7%,…

Biden speaks at United We Stand Summit in DC, Washington, USA - 15 Sep 2022

Social Security Reform: Which Biden-Era Changes Are Most Likely To Happen?

One of the top priorities on President Joe Biden's domestic agenda is reforming Social Security, which faces an uncertain future amid reports that its cash reserves will be fully depleted by 2034. On…

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Missing Stimulus Check? You Still Have Time To Claim a Missing Payment

With all three Economic Impact Payments (EIP) issued and the Get My Payment tool no longer available to track your stimulus checks, it might seem too late in the game to receive any missing payments…

Father And Son Coming Home From Shopping Trip Using Plastic Free Bags Unpacking Groceries In Kitchen stock photo

Major Food Stamps Change Means More Grocery Options for SNAP Users Everywhere

The addition of a new third-party payment provider to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program should be good news for grocers that want to accept digital payments for purchases — and good news…

"Miles and Miles of shelves of no-name stationary products, candles, flowers, summer items.

People Making 6 Figures Are Shopping at Dollar Stores — Here’s What They Are Buying

With inflation at a four-decade high and Americans' wallets being hard hit, wealthier shoppers are now also turning to Dollar General, according to CEO Todd Vasos. See: How Much Cash To Have…

Modern senior couple in casual clothing stock photo

What Is the Average Social Security Benefit at Age 62?

Your retirement benefit amount depends on how much you've earned over your lifetime at jobs for which you paid Social Security taxes — and the age at which you claim. You can claim Social Security…

Serious senior accountant sitting on the living room and looking at the laptop stock photo

Social Security: New Bill Could Give Seniors an Extra $2,400 a Year

Social Security recipients could get an additional $2,400 a year in benefits if a new bill recently introduced to Congress wins approval — something seniors would no doubt welcome as surging…

Mother and daughter doing homework in the bedroom at home stock photo

Child Tax Credit: Which States Have Expanded Payments and For How Long?

On Dec. 31, 2021, the expanded child tax credit expired when Congress failed to renew it. The last checks issued went out on the 15th of the month, leaving millions of families out of luck. Student…

Selective focus shot of senior and young people visiting black and white photography exhibition in modern art gallery.

Social Security Recipient? The Best Senior Discounts for Retirees 65 and Older

Most Americans are already retired by the time they turn 65 years old, though not all collect Social Security benefits yet. The average retirement age in the United States is either 63 or 64,…

Detail on man's hand holding fuel nozzle, filling gas tank of car covered with snow in winter.

Winter Gas Prices: The Cold Weather Mix Will Save You Cash at the Pump Starting In September

As summer turns to fall, a new season can bring new reasons to spend money. Higher heating bills, warmer clothing and upcoming holiday spending are all by-product expenses of the cooler weather…

Good news for multi-racial mature couple stock photo

Social Security: How Much Will 2023 COLA Be Based on Latest CPI Numbers?

With 2023 fast approaching, Social Security beneficiaries will soon get a definite answer on how much their monthly payments will go up next year based on the current quarter's inflation rate. For…

Daughter hugging father on park bench stock photo

SSI Schedule: Supplemental Security Income Payments for September 2022

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) checks are typically deposited on the first of every month unless the date happens to fall on a weekend or holiday. According to the SSA's schedule of Social…

American and Texas state flags flying on the dome of the Texas State Capitol building in Austin.

States Whose Economies Are Failing vs. States Whose Economies Are Thriving

The swiftness with which the coronavirus pandemic wiped out the U.S. economy in early 2020 was breathtaking. Seemingly overnight, the U.S. unemployment rate shot up to an all-time record of 14.7% in…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Seth Wenig/AP/Shutterstock (13036292f)Prince Harry arrives at United Nations headquarters, .

How Much is Prince Harry Worth?

Prince Harry was born on Sept. 15, 1984, in London to King Charles III and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Harry — whose full name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David — is the younger brother of…

Cheerful little daughter helping the mother to carry groceries from the market stock photo

What Is the Highest Income for Food Stamps in 2022?

Americans who apply for federal Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program benefits are required to meet an extended set of eligibility criteria to qualify, and one of those has to do with income….

A woman inserting a gas pump nozzle at a gas station stock photo

20 Ways To Get Free Gas in 2022

Although gas prices continue dropping in the U.S., we are still facing record-high prices that exceed last summer's national average, according to AAA. If you are wondering about ways to get free gas,…

Polkadot or Dot cryptocurrency standing on pile of gold crypto coins with copy space.

Polkadot Price Prediction 2022: Is DOT Worth the Investment?

The first step in determining a Polkadot price prediction is to understand how it got to where it is today and what its designers are working toward in the future.

Mature middle-aged couple family wife and husband counting funds, savings declarations, investments,paperwork, financial documents, bankruptcy, court case, bills, pension with laptop. stock photo

Social Security: Use This IRS Form To Have Federal Income Tax Withheld

When you apply for Social Security benefits, you can request to have federal income taxes withheld from your payments. However, if you're already receiving benefits or want to make changes, the Social…

Depressed frustrated trader tired of overwork or stressed by bankruptcy stock photo

What Is SafeMoon and Is It a Good Investment?

SafeMoon is one of the latest cryptos to hit the market and has generated much buzz among investors with rising prices. Learn whether it's a good investment.

View Looking Out From Inside Of Refrigerator As Woman Unpacks Online Home Food Delivery.

SNAP Benefits 2022: Payments Online May Be Easier

It's taken a while for the Food and Nutrition Service's (FNS) SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot to make its presence known throughout all U.S. states. But, as Forage noted, with online grocery shopping…

Modern senior couple in casual clothing stock photo

Social Security Taxes: What To Expect and How To Reduce Your Bill

There's a decent chance that many Social Security recipients will be paying more taxes on their benefits this year than in years past because of a confluence of events, a situation which might…

African Family Couple In Shop Buying Groceries Wearing Face Mask Choosing Food Goods Walking With Shopping Cart In Supermarket Store.

Why Doesn’t Every Grocery Store Accept SNAP EBT Food Stamps?

The federal government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, formerly called "food stamps," helps families to afford fresh, healthy food and ingredients to prepare meals at home. The…

Mother and her son opening parcel with meal kit in their kitchen.

SNAP Benefits: Are There Home Delivery Services That Accept EBT Cards?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — the largest federal nutrition assistance program, which provides benefits to eligible low-income individuals and families via an Electronic…


What Is Cardano (ADA) and Is It Worth Investing In?

Cardano is a cryptocurrency platform unlike any other. Learn more about this distinctive company and why buying its tokens might be a smart move.

Woman selling her bag online stock photo

Selling Your Old Handbags? Check Out These Quick Tips Before You Begin

If your home is overrun with handbags you swore you'd never part with but can't bear to look at anymore, it might be time to sell. Luckily, there's a lot of potential business out there — especially…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by ERIK S LESSER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (13372656h)Republican US Senate candidate Herschel Walker participates in the start of his 'Unite Georgia Bus Tour' at the Lakepoint Sports Park in Emerson, Georgia, USA, 07 September 2022.

How Much is Former NFL Player Herschel Walker Worth As He Runs For US Senate?

Herschel Walker, 60, is an American athlete, businessman and philanthropist who is currently the Republican nominee for the vacant senate seat in Georgia. He is in an incredibly tight and dirty race…

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GO in the Know: Stimulus Payments, Medicare Open Enrollment Savings & Top Financial News for Sept. 23

Happy Friday — and National Go With Your Gut Day! Take a moment to listen to your gut feeling today and trust it to guide you into your weekend plans. (Did it tell you to get in some rest and…

Oil industry crisis concept. Drop in oil prices. Oil stock crisis. Oil price falling down graph stock photo

Oil Sinks Below $80 as Global Interest Rate Hikes, Recession Fears Threaten Demand

Oil prices fell to their lowest levels since January 2022 as a series of interest rate hikes around the world raised fears of a global recession, which would likely lead to lower demand for fuel. See:…

Stackshouse created by Farnoosh Torabi

The Best Money Experts for Each Generation

Just as it is with musicians, comedians and authors, some financial experts manage to capture the voice of a generation. GOBankingRates examined more than 65 of the most trusted and popular money…

Happy doctor talking to senior male patient while being in a home visit.

Senior Benefits: How to Save Thousands During Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare recipients who want to review their coverage and make changes get a chance once every year during the Medicare Open Enrollment period. That period begins on Oct. 15 and ends on Dec. 7,…

Stack of 100 dollar bills with illustrative coronavirus stimulus payment check to show the virus stimulus payment to Americans.

Stimulus Payments Coming to These States in September 2022

Many states had a budget surplus in 2022 or excess money from COVID relief aid. This means a windfall for many taxpayers who can expect one-time direct deposits in plenty of time for the holiday…

E-commerce and ordering groceries online stock photo

Which Grocery Stores Accept SNAP EBT for Online Orders?

Americans who qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits have no shortage of food stores to choose from. Most major grocery chains accept SNAP payments using an electronic benefits…

Young woman working on a project on the floor of her future office.

Get COVID Penalty Relief By Filing Your 2019 and 2020 Tax Returns No Later Than Sept. 30

The IRS will provide penalty relief to most people and businesses who file certain 2019 or 2020 returns late. However, to be eligible, tax returns must be filed no later than Sept. 30, 2022. See Our…

SNAP and EBT Accepted here sign. SNAP and Food Stamps provide nutrition benefits to supplement the budgets of disadvantaged families. stock photo

What is SNAP & Is It The Same as Food Stamps?

SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is a government program spearheaded by the Food and Nutrition Services branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program provides benefits,…

Happy family with child and shopping cart buying food at grocery store or supermarket stock photo

Food Stamps Schedule: Texas Lone Star Card SNAP Benefits for October 2022

Like every state, Texas has a set schedule for when it distributes Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Texas SNAP benefits are administered by the state's Health and Human…

Purchasing Goods with Smartphone at Grocery Store stock photo

Food Stamps Schedule: When October 2022 CalFresh SNAP Benefits Disburse in California

Californians who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits do so through the state's CalFresh program, which sends payments out every month according to the same schedule. That…

senior high school teacher teaching group of students in classroom.

Social Security: Why Police and Teachers Get Reduced Benefits and How That May Change

Millions of Americans who worked in public sector jobs could see a boost in their Social Security benefits in the future. See: Can I Draw Social Security at 62 and Still Work Full Time?Social…

Fidelity Investments

7 Best Fidelity Mutual Funds

Fidelity mutual funds are typically affordable, professionally managed and designed to meet different investment goals. Take a look at the best options.

Senior couple paying their bills.

Social Security COLA Increases Could Cost Seniors Money — Here’s How

This year's soaring inflation rate likely means that the 2023 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security beneficiaries will be the highest in decades, with one seniors advocacy group…

Everything has a plan stock photo

10 Top Stocks To Buy for 2022

Investment opportunities can come from many different sectors. If you're looking to buy stock in 2022, here's what you need to know.

Bangkok, Thailand - Dec 13, 2017: Physical Bitcoin pile on table.

Bitcoin Price Prediction September 2022

When Bitcoin is doing poorly, other cryptos are likely also suffering. Nobody, however, seems to agree on the price of bitcoin in the future.

Peru - Circa May 2018: A Sign at a Retailer - We Accept SNAP IV.

SNAP Benefits: How Long Do They Last?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is a federal program managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service. SNAP is the…

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2.5 Million Americans Became Millionaires Last Year

Last year was a financially disheartening one for many Americans, but not all. According to a new report, the number of millionaires in the world increased at a brisk pace in 2021, aided by rebounds…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock (13405840s)President Joe Biden speaks about the DISCLOSE Act in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in WashingtonBiden, Washington, United States - 20 Sep 2022.

Expecting Student Loan Forgiveness? 3 Ways To Plan Ahead Before Applying

For borrowers worried about paying off existing student loans, President Joe Biden's debt forgiveness plan — announced in August — may have provided some relief. See: What Is the Highest Income for…

Benjamin Franklin On A One Hundred Dollar Bill With American Flag And Gold Bar.

Latest Fed Rate Hike Could Add $2.1 Trillion To Federal Deficit

The Federal Reserve continued its aggressive tightening on Wednesday, Sept, 21, raising the benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points for the third straight time. The moves are designed to ease…

Packed roast chicken place on the shelf waiting to sale in the market deli section.

SNAP Benefits: Can You Use EBT Card/Food Stamps To Purchase Hot Food?

SNAP gives eligible low-income households extra food-purchasing assistance to supplement food budgets. Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered at the state level, SNAP benefits…

Moscow, Russia: Yellow taxi with Uber logo on the street. Yellow taxi cab with checker pattern. Uber taxi cab. stock photo

Uber & Lyft Drivers Are Making $6.20 an Hour Under New California Law

A California law designed to improve working conditions for rideshare drivers while also keeping fees down might have done the latter without doing the former, according to a new study from…

GO in the Know 4

GO in the Know: Fed Raises Interest Rates, Dollar General & Top Financial News for Sept. 22

Happy Thursday! Today marks the start of the fall equinox, which means if you haven't started doing it already, it's officially time to enjoy all the pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks. Let's take a…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (11829984j)United States Senator Rand Paul (Republican of Kentucky) listens during a U.

How Much Is Rand Paul Worth?

Sen. Rand Paul (59) is a physician-turned-politician who has represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate for 11 years. He first made frequent national headlines during his 2016 campaign to run as a…

Back view of college students raising their arms on a class at lecture hall.

How Do I Find Out If My Student Loans Will Be Forgiven?

While campaigning during the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, President Joe Biden pledged to cancel $10,000 worth of student loan debt per borrower. The Future of Finances: Gen Z & How…

Female teacher talking to a student in classroom.

12 Public Service Jobs That Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness

With last week's news regarding updated measures for federal student loan relief, the topic has been front of mind for many of the 43 million Americans who carry this type of debt. President Biden's…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Xinhua/Shutterstock (13410454e)U.

Powell Predicts Housing Market Correction As Existing Home Sales Decline For Seventh Straight Month

The hot housing market that has sent average home prices to record highs in 2022 is likely headed for a correction, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday. Whether that leads to lower…

Macro closeup of iced tea or soda with ice cubes and straw in glass.

SNAP Benefits: Can You Use Your EBT Card/Food Stamps to Purchase Soda?

SNAP, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered at the state level, provides food assistance to low- and no-income households across. The U.S. SNAP benefits can only be…

Frustrated couple checking bills at home using laptop.

Everything You Need To Know About How the Fed Rate Will Impact Your Personal Finances

The Fed raised rates another 75 basis points on July 27. The news, while not surprising, comes after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Meet the Press, that inflation is too high but assured…

Browsing for Deals stock photo

SNAP Benefits: Can You Use EBT Card/Food Stamps To Purchase Energy Drinks?

SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, helps low-income households by sending monthly benefits to supplement food budgets. Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered at the state…

Young woman buying groceries in supermarket stock photo

Does Dollar General Have Better Deals Than Dollar Tree?

If dollar stores all thrive on a similar concept — selling goods at low prices — can one really be superior to another? It turns out the answer is yes. See: 10 Items That Are Always Cheaper at Sam's…

Happy aged woman watching photos on tablet and smiling, spending free time.

Social Security Schedule: When October 2022 Benefits Will Be Sent

The Social Security payment schedule for October 2022 will be business as usual for most people, though recipients who qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) won't be getting a payment due to…

Portrait of woman buying fresh cauliflower in grocery shop stock photo

Food Stamps Schedule: When Can I Anticipate October 2022 SNAP Payments?

If you're wondering when your October Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payment will arrive, you'll have to check with the agency in your state that issues benefits. Although SNAP is…

Arrows Surround The Face Of Benjamin Franklin On One Hundred Dollar B stock photo

Why Does the Fed Keep Raising Rates?

You didn't see a lot of celebrating on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 0.75% for the third time in a row. Instead, the stock markets tumbled and economists warned…

Shot of two young women dancing in a nightclub.

Are We in a Recession? Look for These 7 Freaky Signs

Who knew lipstick was so economically relevant? Ask an economist what indicates we're in a recession and they might point to some common signs such as widespread layoffs, the falling cost of copper…

Depressed frustrated trader tired of overwork or stressed by bankruptcy stock photo

What Is a Reverse Stock Split?

A reverse stock split is the mirror image of a conventional stock split. This typically only happens during times of great financial stress for companies.

Woman paying her utility bills online stock photo

This Trick Will Get You a Bigger Tax Refund — But Should You Use It?

The W-4 is an IRS tax form filled out by employees and used by an employer to withhold the correct federal income tax from a worker's paycheck each pay period. The amount of income tax withheld…

Beautiful couple dining in luxury hotel restaurant stock photo

Do You Really Get What You Pay for at Luxury Hotels?

People are traveling again — and they're putting lots of cash into their experiences. Now that the pandemic has somewhat eased restrictions for out-of-state or out-of-country trips, many are…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Xinhua/Shutterstock (13051517a)U.

Fed Raises Interest Rates Again – Here’s What That Means for Most Americans

As was widely anticipated, the Federal Reserve said it will raise interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point rate, the third consecutive such hike. The new unanimous decision comes amid…

Mature couple exploring Belgrade in Serbia.

Social Security: Can I Still Collect Benefits If I Retire Abroad?

If you're eligible to receive Social Security benefits, you may receive your payments outside of the U.S. However, the Social Security Administration has noted that there are countries to which they…

Digital currency physical metal dogecoin coin.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Prediction 2022

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that began as an entertaining joke but has since gone on to see massive gains – and losses. Here is a look at how the price may develop.

Social Security cards and assorted cash.

5 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About Social Security

So you think you know all you need to know about Social Security? If so, congratulations — you are in the minority when it comes to knowledge of the nation's biggest retirement benefits program….

Cheerful young couple sitting on a boat.

9 Dead Giveaways That Someone Is Secretly Rich

Ramit Sethi, author of the New York Times bestseller "I Will Teach You to Be Rich," and founder and CEO of and, knows a few things about personal finance….

Children's Museum , New Orleans, USA - 27 Aug 2019

Food Stamps: Get Discounts on Museums, Internet and Amazon Prime With Louisiana Purchase SNAP EBT Card

Louisiana SNAP EBT recipients receive money to pay for food and a few other things with their SNAP EBT card. But did you know you can also get discounts on a range of other activities and services…

London, UK - 9th March 2014: The front of Buckingham Palce in the morning at sunrise with nobody around.

Royal Family: Which Palaces, Castles & Estates Are the Most Expensive?

The royal residences are all massive with tons of rooms, dripping in the kind of wealth that is befitting of an empire that is estimated by Forbes to be worth $28 billion. Explore: Your Biggest Money…

Man using a smart phone to monitor his cryptocurrency and stock trading stock photo

Shiba Inu Coin Price Prediction September 2022

The shiba inu cryptocurrency was born as a mockery of dogecoin, but what is it worth?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Charlie Riedel/AP/Shutterstock (13134778n)Republican U.

How Much is Eric Schmitt Worth?

Eric Schmitt (47), is a Republican politician who is running for a United States Senate seat (representing Missouri) in the upcoming November election. Since he has a significant lead in the polls…

Woman holding smartphone standing in store taking milk stock photo

Food Stamps Schedule: When Can I Anticipate September 2022 SNAP Payments?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) provides nutritional benefits to supplement the food budget of low-income households nationwide. While the U.S….

Kensington Palace and Sunken Gardes, London, 2022.

Royal Gardens: Which Estates Have The Most Expensive Grounds to Maintain?

Oh, how their gardens grow. The Royals are known for their lush greenery on many of their exquisite properties, and it turns out they take a lot of green to maintain. Explore: Your Biggest Money…

Indianapolis - Circa March 2019: SNAP and EBT Accepted here sign V.

SNAP FAQ: What Is Tennessee EBT and How Can Residents Apply for Benefits?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional assistance initiative. In Tennessee, SNAP is administered by the Tennessee Department of Human…

Shot of a man shopping for groceries with his son in a supermarket stock photo

SNAP FAQ: What Is New York EBT and How Can You Apply for Benefits?

The New York Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) issues monthly benefits to eligible low-income families and individuals. SNAP recipients receive benefits through an EBT card, which can…

Father And Son Coming Home From Shopping Trip Using Plastic Free Bags Unpacking Groceries In Kitchen stock photo

Will Food Stamps Increase Because of Inflation?

Even in a year when prices for just about everything are skyrocketing, the surging price of food stands out. In June, the federal government's food-at-home index — meaning food you buy at a grocery…

Shot of a young businesswoman frowning while using a laptop in a modern office stock photo

Can I Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness If My Loans Are in Default?

The Biden administration's student loan forgiveness plan will provide financial relief to about 43 million federal student loan borrowers, according to White House estimates. For those in default of…

Calculator House, power consumption chart stock illustration

Why Mortgages Will Become More Costly After Today’s Fed Rate Hike

Potential home buyers already spooked by the highest mortgage rate in 14 years aren't likely to feel much better after the Federal Reserve's next rate hike, scheduled for Sept. 21, 2022. The Fed is…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Shutterstock (13051511e)Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell listens during a news conference at the Federal Reserve Board building in WashingtonFederal Reserve Powell, Washington, United States - 27 Jul 2022.

Fed Won’t Drop Interest Rates Until 2024, Says Goldman Sachs

Amid four-decade high inflation, the Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise its interest rate by at least 75 basis points today, for the third consecutive time. And now, Goldman Sachs strategists…

Muncie - Circa January 2018: A Sign at a Retailer - We Accept SNAP.

Do SNAP EBT Cards Expire?

Whether or not your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card has an expiration date depends on your state. According to the U.S. Department of…

Mother and daughter buying groceries at store stock photo

Does BJ’s Wholesale Club Accept SNAP Payments for Groceries Using EBT Food Stamps?

SNAP, the largest federal nutrition assistance program, provides benefits to low-income households to help supplement monthly food budgets. Benefits are deposited monthly into SNAP accounts, which are…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ron Sachs/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (13406017c)US President Joe Biden makes remarks on the DISCLOSE Act, which would require organizations spending money in elections, including super PACs and 501(c)(4) dark money groups, to promptly disclose donors who have given 10,000 US dollars or more during an election cycle, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 20 September 2022.

How Student Loan Forgiveness Could Impact the Military & Longstanding GI Bill

Since Biden's sweeping student loan forgiveness program was first announced on Aug. 24, many have felt relief from the plan's measures to waive up to $10,000 of debt ($20,000 for Pell Grant…

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs aggresive climate measures., Vallejo, USA - 16 Sep 2022

Stimulus Updates: Mark These 11 Dates on Your Calendar Now

Although the federal government has not revealed plans to issue any further stimulus checks, several states are issuing tax refunds to residents as a result of surplus budget funds in 2022. Student…

Serious African American couple discussing paper documents, sitting together on couch at home, man and woman checking bills, bank account balance, terms of contract, mortgage, loan agreement.

Inflation Impact: Gen Z and Millennials Are Closing Investment Accounts To Tackle High Prices — But Is It the Right Move?

The highest inflation rate in four decades has forced Americans to cut back on spending in numerous ways, from buying cheaper and less healthy food to foregoing long road trips. Many — younger…

San Jose, USA - October 15, 2015: PayPal headquarters located at 2221 N.

How To Buy Bitcoin on PayPal

Bitcoin, born in 2009, was the first of the more than 19,000 cryptocurrencies that are now bought and sold daily on various cryptocurrency exchanges. In 2020, PayPal announced a new feature that…

Senior male warehouse worker pulling a pallet truck with boxes.

Why Retirees Are Returning To Work — It’s Not for the Paycheck

There might be a Great Resignation going on in some parts of the American workforce, but other parts are witnessing a Great Unretirement. A recent report from the AARP, citing data from the Indeed…

Young creative woman working on computer stock photo

Afraid of Being Fired? Consider Working a ‘Forever Job’ with the Federal Government

According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 6 million Americans who are unemployed. Though that's still less than pandemic levels, it's not exactly…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Hannah Schoenbaum/AP/Shutterstock (13350722f)Democratic U.

How Much is Cheri Beasley Worth?

Cheri Beasley, 56, is a former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court who is running as the Democrat candidate from North Carolina for the 2022 senatorial election against Republican Ted…

A multi-aged and multi-ethnic group of adults using elastic bands to help their strength training workout in a fitness class at a community complex.

Medicare Might Pay for Your SilverSneakers Membership — Here’s How To Check Your Gym Eligibility

The average cost of a gym membership across the U.S. is $45 per month according to a recent survey by, as reported by GOBankingRates. For seniors on a fixed income, it can be hard to…

Little boy looking toys on the high shelf in the shop.

Hottest Budget-Savvy Toys for This Holiday Season — Kids Gifts for Under $20

Returning to relative normality after the pandemic — but still burdened by steady high inflation and escalating consumer prices — retailers are getting an early jump on this coming holiday season….

GO in the Know

GO in the Know: Gas Prices Could Go Up Soon, HSA Tips & Top Financial News for Sept. 20

It's International NFT Day, and if you'd like to learn more about NFTs and the world of cryptocurrency they are linked to, check out our Crypto on the GO page for more. Now, let's get on with today's…

Conceptual photo showing inflation and economic impact at the gas pump with hundred dollar bills inside the tank.

Gas Prices Could Go Up Again Soon, Says AAA

If you've been enjoying those falling gas prices over the last few months, then now is a good time to fill your tank. Prices at the pump could soon start moving higher, according to AAA. See:…

Mother and Daughter Shopping in Supermarket stock photo

Food Stamps: States Extending Emergency Allotment Money Through September 2022

Emergency allotments were authorized under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to help address temporary food needs during the pandemic for SNAP households. According to the U.S. Department of…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Akili-Casundria Ramsess/AP/Shutterstock (12950382i)Raphael Warnock speaks at the Gwinnett County Democratic Party fundraiser on in Norcross, GaUS Election 2022 Georgia, Norcross, United States - 21 May 2022.

How Much Is Raphael Warnock Worth?

Raphael Warnock (53), the current junior United States senator from Georgia, is up for a spirited debate against Republican candidate Hershel Walker on Oct. 14.  The race is very close, with most…

For the love of money stock photo

Stimulus Payments Are Coming to These East Coast States in September

As states review budgets this fall more and more are giving extra COVID relief aid money directly back to residents. Over on the East Coast, tax rebates will be sent out starting in September, with…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock (13388744g)President Joe Biden speaks to reporters after voting in the Delaware primary election at Tatnall School in Wilmington, DelBiden, Wilmington, United States - 13 Sep 2022.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Mark These 4 Dates On Your Calendar Now

Since President Joe Biden announced his plans to cancel up to $20,000 in student loan debt for qualifying Americans last month, people have been wondering: When can I apply? See: 5 'Shark Tank' Fails…

HSA, health savings account symbol.

Could Having an HSA Save You Six Figures on Lifetime Taxes?

It's almost open enrollment season, and when it comes to making new financial calls, you might want to consider taking part in — or upping — your health savings account (HSA) contributions. Doing so…

Shot of a mature couple using a digital tablet while going through paperwork at home.

What Is A Retirement Decumulation Strategy & Why You Need to Develop One

It doesn't take a financial whiz to understand the importance of saving for retirement. A retirement fund such as a 401(k) essentially serves as a personal bank that you tap into to cover bills and…

An envelope full of cash with the word "Groceries" printed on it, with other envelopes in the background.

Gen Z Still Uses Cash Stuffing To Manage Finances, According to New Study

As financial strategies go, "cash stuffing" is not exactly cutting edge. People have been doing it ever since currency became the preferred way of paying for things. See: 8 Best Remote Jobs That…

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