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Although it currently only has one branch operating out of Atlanta, Georgia, Midtown Bank is a full-service retail and commercial bank. In lieu of becoming a large, national franchise, Midtown Bank focuses on community-minded banking and aims to grow to serve the needs of its local market. The bank provides customized banking and lending solutions to meet client's financial goals. People who live or work in Midtown can take advantage of personal and business banking as well as mortgage lending with some of the most competitive rates in the Atlanta market.

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The client-centered culture of Midtown Bank means that your personal banking really is personal. Benefits include a personal banker trained to understand your unique needs and help you set up and manage deposit accounts and loans. If you are looking to buy a home or refinance your current one, Midtown Bank assists you in finding the right mortgage loan and refinancing options for you. The Business Bank specializes in finance and deposit solutions for your small-to medium-sized businesses in the bank's primary service area. SBA lending opportunities also extend beyond the Midtown base to meet the business demands of Metro Atlanta.