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    About Union Bank

    This California bank offers a variety of financial services to businesses and individuals. Headquartered in San Francisco, this full-service institution expanded its operational branches to Texas, New York, Illinois and two international locations. Union Bank is a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Union Bank, a major world-wide financial organization. Valued at $97 billion in assets, Union Bank has a legacy spanning over 150 years and reached its current incarnation with the merger of The Bank of California and Union Bank of California in 1996. Union Bank is environmentally oriented, investing in renewable energy and green technologies geared towards creating a more sustainable society.

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    Union Bank is a fitting institution for anyone wishing to take care of both their personal and small business banking needs at one institution. With a variety of clientele including commercial media, entertainment, energy, retailing and other specialized companies, Union Bank is mindful of different industry needs. Union Bank's partnerships make your money accessible at all times, with 600 Union Bank ATMs, 425,000 Star and MasterCard ATMs providing monetary access in the United States and 1.7 MasterCard ATMs around the world.

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