Warren Buffett’s Failures: 15 Investing Mistakes He Regrets

Draw investment advice from the errors of the ‘Oracle of Omaha.’
  • JesseJames

    Wal-Mart surprises me….Old guy who..I would think/say ..does not shop…I understand the disconnect. People will always go to Wal-Mart because it is cheaper than most places. I can understand the not investing in FB..social media is always is fickle..but the average person always need affordable food and household items.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      I think he is saying that he regrets NOT buying more Wal-Mart.

  • Abby Ghanie

    What an icon WB you are setting the pace for young, Entrapaneurs , great advice there are still some hope, sometimes we need a push or a break in advise to get started, any way thanks May GD bless you for your simple and humble lifestyle, Dear Abby G. Palm Beach Florida.