Top 3 Ways To Invest In Crypto Without Actually Buying

MicroStockHub / iStock.com

Investors interested in cryptocurrency are probably aware of the huge dip bitcoin and other cryptos have taken over the last couple months. It all started when the algorithmic stablecoin Terra collapsed, sparking a steep sell-off that affected the entire crypto market.

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Considering its volatility, cryptocurrency is not for the faint of heart. It not only tends to make wild swings in price, but it’s also expensive, it can’t be bought through traditional brokerage accounts and doesn’t have backing from financial institutions, CNBC reported.

So what’s the best way for investors to get a piece of cryptocurrency without actually buying the coins? One alternative is to invest in companies that either have crypto-related services or hold the coins themselves

If you want exposure to cryptocurrency without the direct risk, here are some options:

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