Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction 2022

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Polygon (MATIC) is different from many other cryptocurrencies on the market. Rather than running on its own blockchain, matic tokens are traded on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s because Polygon was developed to help scale Ethereum through side chains. Polygon, sometimes identified as “matic” and using the ticker “MATIC,” is the token of the Polygon network.

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What Is Polygon MATIC?

GOBankingRates describes Polygon as “an express train” riding along the same track as other sidechains on the Ethereum track but going faster and with fewer stops. In fact, Polygon’s website describes the network as “Ethereum in the fast lane.”

Polygon uses a proof-of-stake architecture to process transactions, making it faster and more efficient than some other blockchain networks. Some investors peg its reliance on Ethereum as a benefit, while others see it as a drawback.

Matic allows you to stake on the Ethereum blockchain and also pay for transactions using the currency. This has helped reduce the high transaction costs inherent on the Ethereum blockchain, helping promote widespread adoption. It supports the creation of decentralized apps and smart contracts while leveraging the benefits of Ethereum’s excellent security protocols.

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Polygon is also more environmentally friendly than many other cryptocurrencies, with a goal of going carbon-negative in 2022 and “climate positive” in the future. This alone could help drive Polygon’s adoption and attract favor from investors.

Users can deposit matic from the Ethereum network, interact with tokens and then withdraw coins back to the Ethereum blockchain.

In November 2022, Polygon has a market cap of $8.28 billion, with 8.73 billion matic coins circulating, according to CoinMarketCap.

All this bodes well for the future of matic. But you may still have questions. Can matic reach $10? What will matic be worth in five years?

Polygon Matic Price Prediction for 2022

CoinMarketCap says matic is worth roughly $0.95 on Nov. 15. That’s up 1.94% from the previous day. It is outpacing increases for both bitcoin and ethereum on the same day.

However, it’s closer to its one-year low of roughly $0.32 than its one-year high of $2.92, according to CoinMarketCap figures. That means it could be a good value to purchase right now. But what are the matic price predictions for the rest of the year?

The Changelly blog acknowledged that no one knows for sure how matic will perform. However, it said experts predict matic will trade for at least $0.9799 and for as much as $1.05 in December. The average prediction is $1.01.

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WalletInvestor predicts matic’s price could drop to $0.277 but could rise up to $1.236 by the end of 2022.

DigitalCoinPrice sees a bit of a jump ahead. The site predicts that matic will reach a maximum of $1.18 by the end of the year.

Gov Capital is more optimistic, thinking matic could reach about $2.07 per coin in 2022.

What Will Matic Be Worth in Five Years?

Looking ahead five years, to 2027, DigitalCoinPrice pegs matic’s price at $2.81 on the low end and $3.20 as a maximum price.

It’s important to remember that the crypto market leaves plenty of room for correction, with coins dipping substantially before reaching another bull cycle. Matic has lots of room to rise. It has already come a long way from its start, when it hit the market at just $0.004 per coin.

Of course, cryptocurrency is highly volatile and investors should always proceed with caution. Never invest more than you care to lose in speculative investments like cryptocurrency.

Fundamentals Driving Polygon Upward

The capability to trade non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, on the platform is working in Polygon’s favor. Matic got the support of big brands like Adidas and Prada in an NFT charity project called Adidas for Prada Re-Source. More recently, Nike launched its .Swoosh Web3 platform on Polygon and will issue the platform’s first NFTs next year.

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Play-to-earn games, Polygon’s highly efficient proof-of-stake process and the overall growth of the ecosystem could also help drive the price of matic coins up, according to FX Empire. Some investors see matic as a long game with lots of future potential.

Will Matic Reach $10? 

Just how optimistic are investors and analysts? Can matic reach $10? How rich could you get investing in matic?

Although most experts have more conservative predictions, Trading Education predicts that matic could rise above the $10 mark to reach $15.13 by the end of 2025.

Changelly, however, is more conservative, predicting that the coin won’t reach $10 until 2028. The site forecasts a maximum price of $11.03 in that year.

In either, admittedly speculative, case, if you were to buy matic today at its price of roughly 84 cents and invested $1,000, you’d have 1,052 coins. At the $11.03 price Changelly predicts, your investment would be worth $11,603.56 by 2028. If you believe Trading Education’s matic price prediction, you could be sitting on an inflation-busting $15,916.76 just over three years from now.


Are you ready to take that risk and invest a bit in matic now? Very few analyst scenarios have matic falling to zero within the next six months, or even 10 years. But investing in cryptocurrency always involves a high degree of risk.

Matic may be one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and hold right now due to its low price and optimistic prospects that relate to the platform’s fundamentals and partnerships, not to mention its eye on sustainability. GOBankingRates has included Polygon matic on its list of 10 cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

You can buy matic on many cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance — Binance.US in the U.S. — Coinbase Pro and UniSwap.

Polygon (MATIC) FAQ

Learn more about Polygon before you invest.
  • What will matic be worth in 2025?
    • It's impossible to know for sure how much matic will be worth in the future, but average predictions from popular analysis sites range from $0.1031 to $15.13.
  • Can matic reach $100?
    • It's possible. However, it's unlikely to happen in the near future. Trading Education, which issues relatively optimistic projections, forecasts that matic will be worth just $54.85 in 2030.

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