New Crypto Copy-Trading Platform Helps Those ‘In the Know’ Guide Beginners Toward Success

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Alpha Impact, a social copy trading platform that features daily insights from expert crypto traders, with the aim to “cut through the noise,” announced its beta release today, the full launch being slated for later this year or early next year.

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The company says the platform allows community members to connect with top performing traders, copy their trades, access the latest news from crypto experts, and learn crypto investing through masterclasses and guides.

In turn, traders on the platform benefit from growing a follower base as a trusted opinion leader, which allows them to earn passive income from subscriptions and via a revenue share model that lets them earn commission from sharing trades and trading knowledge. Users can connect their investment account to Alpha Impact to copy top traders, get the latest market news from traders and learn crypto investing from influential traders, masterclasses and beginner guides.

Alpha Impact CEO Hayden Hughes explained to GOBankingRates that the launch was prompted by the fact that after being in crypto for so long, “it became clear that there was a divide between rich and poor.”

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“I don’t mean financially, but in terms of information. Some people have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours researching crypto assets and they are well positioned to know what will happen ahead of time, while others tend to learn only through making painful investing mistakes,” he said. “Our platform gives those ‘in the know’ the chance to monetize understanding and knowledge, while giving the uninitiated a way to find a trader and see their real track record.”

Investing for Everyone

Hughes explained that Alpha Impact is different from other platforms as it’s neither a brokerage house nor an exchange. “We are a technology platform designed to connect directly to our customers’ exchange accounts,” he said.

This gives them two benefits, he stated. First, they don’t ask customers to deposit investment funds with them. “Second, we do not need to settle trades on the back end, meaning that, unlike other platforms like eToro and Robinhood, we will never need to disable buying of specific investments under volatile market conditions,” he added.

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In addition, unlike other copy-trading platforms, Hughes said that Alpha Impact encourages traders to become key influencers and bridges communication between followers and traders. Its goal is to “empower people to profit from cryptocurrencies by providing an educational platform where traders can explain their rationale behind trades and discuss strategies and industry news.”

The platform also has its own token, used in every transaction to receive discounts on the transaction fee it charges. Customers can also stake tokens to receive access to premium insights from top traders, as well as see the trades and exactly which tokens each trader is holding, Hugues said, adding that Alpha Impact will soon be launching an NFT series, as well.

The company’s customers tend to be 19- to 35-year-old young professionals, with an almost even distribution of men and women, Hughes confirmed.

“The major pain point for most is that they figured out how to get crypto, but now they don’t know what they do with it. They’re bombarded with noise: some news publications say bitcoin will go down, others say SHIB will go up. It’s a confusing media landscape and our customers truly struggle filtering through the noise,” he added.

Investing for Everyone

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“YouTube and other platforms tend to be full of information, but it’s exceptionally challenging to learn trading,” Hughes concluded. “We all have a desire to trust an expert, and in such a fragmented market, we’re building a solution we’ve all wanted and needed ourselves: the ability to find an expert and filter through the noise.”

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Last updated: October 19, 2021


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