Tom Brady Is Launching an NFT Platform

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Masatoshi Okauchi/Shutterstock (8875405m)Tom Brady'UA TB12' Athlete Recovery Sleepwear press conference, Tokyo, Japan - 22 Jun 2017.
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Tom Brady is jumping on the NFT bandwagon. The seven-time Super Bowl champion said he is launching an NFT platform, alongside an array of big names from the sports and entertainment industries.

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The platform, Autograph, is a “first-of-its-kind, experience-driven NFT platform that brings together the most iconic brands and biggest names in sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture to create unique digital collectibles,” according to its website, whose goal is to “experience, collect and enjoy.”

Autograph’s board and advisors include Jon Feltheimer, CEO, Lionsgate; Steven Galanis, CEO, Cameo; Dawn Ostroff, CCO/CABO, Spotify; Peter Guber, owner, GS Warriors, LA Dodgers; Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation; Jason Robins, CEO, DraftKings; Paul Liberman, co-founder, DraftKings; Matt Kalish, president, DraftKings N.A.; and Peter Mattoon, executive chairman, founder, SCS Financial.

“Autograph will bring together some of the world’s most iconic names and brands with best-in-class digital artists to ideate, create and launch NFTs and groundbreaking experiences to a community of fans and collectors,” Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder and CEO of Autograph, told CNN.

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Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that represent a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items, from collectible sports cards to virtual real estate and even digital sneakers, CoinDesk explains. They are recorded on a blockchain, a distributed ledger that is immutable, verifiable and decentralized.

NFTs have been gaining a lot of traction — and dollars — lately, notably with Vignesh Sundaresan, also known as MetaKovan, who bought Christie’s first NFT for $69.34 million. Sundaresan told CNBC he was prepared to bid even higher. 

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Also in March, Tesla’s Elon Musk sold one of his tweets on NFTs as an NFT on the Valuables platform. “I’m selling this song about NFT as a NFT,” he tweeted at the time.

The move followed that of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who tweeted a link to the Valuables platform, where his first tweet from March 21, 2006, “just setting my twttr,” was up for bidding. 

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