What a $5 Million Home Looks Like Around the World

  • tskm

    In the body of the paragraph describing each city’s real estate market I believe the author is using the “square feet” where he or she should be using “feet square”. There is a huge difference. For example 400 square feet equals 20 feet square.

    • skalawa

      author is correct

    • david

      No such thing as feet square.

  • Susan BetzJitomir

    They really didn’t show the million dollar homes, as the headline promised, just a list of area footage that you can get in various cities for a million and the outsides of multiple buildings.

  • Bp

    More meaningless and misleading journalism from the courier

  • robbybonfire23

    Wonder what a million bucks would get in the Portofino area on the Italian coast?

  • robbybonfire23

    Apparently a million dollar home looks like a yardstick or a measuring tape.

  • Rick Fictus

    What an absolute trainwreck of an article.