Selling Your Home? These Are the Upgrades Buyers Actually Want

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If you’re currently selling your home to take advantage of the hot real estate market, you may want to make a few upgrades before listing so that you’re able to get the best offer possible. But don’t waste your money on renovations that buyers don’t actually care about.

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Coldwell Banker surveyed over 2,000 Americans to find out what upgrades buyers actually want — and these are the projects worth investing in.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades, such as freshly painted cabinets, new cabinets and new countertops, are the No. 1 thing buyers want, with 45% of those surveyed saying that this is a must-have.

Bathroom Upgrades

Forty-four percent of those surveyed consider upgraded bathrooms a must-have.

Updated HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical

Building Wealth

Only 19% of those surveyed consider updating their HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems a must-do update before selling their homes, yet 43% consider this a must-have if they were to buy a home.

New Appliances

Buyers are seeking homes with new stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers — 38% consider this a must.

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Updated Interior or Exterior Paint

Both sellers and buyers are aligned about the desire for a fresh coat of paint — 34% of sellers say this is a must-do upgrade and 34% of buyers say this is a must-have upgrade.

Carpet Cleaning or Installation of New Carpets

Unsurprisingly, buyers do not want to buy a home with dirty or worn carpets. One-third of those surveyed say that cleaning or installing new carpets is a must-have for buyers.


Having attractive outdoor space can make your home more appealing to buyers. Of those surveyed, 31% consider landscaping to be essential for buyers.

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Refinished Wood Floors

Consider freshening up your wood floors before putting your home on the market — 31% consider this a buyer must-have.

Updated Lighting

Thirty percent of those surveyed said that updated light fixtures would be a must-have if they were to consider buying a home.

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Last updated: Sept. 30, 2021