Introduction to Real Estate Investing

Despite the recent economic trend, for decades financial gurus have been touting real estate as one of the best ways to build wealth.

Instead of paying monthly rent, which has no tax benefits or chances of a return, by putting your hard earned cash towards your own home you can enjoy the perks that come with being a home owner. The time has never been better as their are additional government cash incentives, historically low interest rates and an overwhelming selection of property to choose from.

There are several approaches to successfully investing into real estate, and you need to evaluate not only your goals but your financial resources to help enable the process. Take the time to research and read up on the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investing. When you develop your master plan, you can help build a solid “Plan B” in case the investment turns sour or takes longer to pay off than initially anticipated.

Real Estate Investment Basics

Some basic ways to invest in real estate are:

  • Buying real estate as your primary residence
  • Purchasing real estate with the goal of renting it out
  • Acquiring real estate with the goal of repairing the home and reselling for a property (AKA flipping)
  • Investing in stocks tied to real estate

Each of the basic strategies require a different level of skill and financial acumen. Only by taking the time to plot out a long term goal, can you figure out the best real estate investment strategy for your needs. If the home does not sell or drops in value, you need a backup plan. After taking the time to research, you may actually change your mind about what type of real estate investment you feel like partaking in.

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Introduction to Real Estate Investing
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