State Foreclosure Resources

Times are tricky and you want to be prepared in a case of an emergency. Your family has cut their spending habits dramatically and all your spare cash is being saved in an emergency fund. Right now you feel like you are teetering on the edge and just want to get all your ducks in a row and research your state foreclosure resources before you actually need them.

There are several resources for finding this type of information. The federal HUD agency provides a state-by-state breakdown of foreclosure resources available to consumers at Some of the information provided is contact information for nonprofit housing counselors, legal assistance and information on where you can file a complaint with consumer affairs. The foreclosure resources available to those in jeopardy vary from state to state. Your best bet for researching your state foreclosure resources is to start with the federal website. The links provided are non-profit and HUD sponsors many.

In general the foreclosure process as far as the timing varies depending on the state you live in. To find the information that would be most applicable to you visit your favorite search engine and enter “foreclosure laws” and the name of your state in the browser. You can also visit to find all the links necessary for your state laws.

The Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation website for your state may also be a valuable foreclosure resource. Many of their home pages are chock full of links and resources to help consumers find answers and assistance to their mortgage problems. The web pages are also fairly easy to navigate, so you can browse and find more information about your state foreclosure resources easily.

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State Foreclosure Resources
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