Why Texans Choose to Stay in Their Home State More Than Other Americans

Aerial shot of Dallas, Texas, looking along the Margaret Hunt Hill and Roland Kirk bridges crossing the Trinity River into downtown Dallas on a sunny day in summer.
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Texans have long been known for their deep-rooted state pride, but recent data reveals that they’re also more likely to stay put than residents of any other U.S. state. The big-hearted charm of Texas seems to have an enduring grip on its natives.

According to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, a remarkable 82% of individuals born in Texas were still living there as of 2021. But what makes Texas so special that its residents decide to stay?

Strong Economic Ties

A thriving economy and job market have always been Texas’s strong suit. From its booming tech industry in Austin to its evergreen oil and energy sectors, the state offers a wide range of employment opportunities. States with robust job markets often see higher retention rates among their residents, and Texas is no exception.

Lower Tax Burdens

Texas is one of the few states without state income tax, making it an attractive place for both individuals and businesses. This financial advantage can be a significant factor for many deciding on whether to stay in or leave a state.

Pandemic Resilience

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about many uncertainties and led to a significant amount of migration across states, Texans remained relatively rooted. The initial phase of the pandemic saw only minor changes in the state’s “stickiness score,” demonstrating the resilience and loyalty of its inhabitants.

Cultural and Familial Ties

Texas, with its vast landscapes and distinct cultural regions, provides a sense of belonging to its natives. From the southern hospitality of the Hill Country to the eclectic vibes of cities like Houston and Dallas, there’s something in Texas for everyone. Moreover, with its immense size, many Texans have extended family within state borders, making the decision to stay more appealing.

Investing for Everyone

Education Investments

State governments, Texas included, spend significantly on the education of their youth. This investment often translates into a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that can contribute back to its home state. The reciprocity of this investment can make leaving the state a harder choice for many.

Comparative Data

While Texas tops the list in retention, other states like North Carolina, Georgia, California, and Utah also boast high numbers, ranging between 72% and 76%. On the other end of the spectrum, states like Wyoming, North Dakota, and Alaska struggle with retention, with less than 50% of natives choosing to stay.

Texas, with its economic strength, low taxes, and vibrant culture, proves to be a magnet for its natives. The combination of professional opportunities and personal ties makes it a state where the heart and home truly align. As the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas” — and that includes the reasons to stay.

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