Check Out These Dirt-Cheap Stocks That Could Pay Big

Start your investment journey with these inexpensive stocks.

Investments are a great way to make your money work for you, but even buying a tiny share of a powerhouse stock will set you back a pretty penny in some cases. Never fear, even though Google stock is over $1,000 a pop, there are other more budget-friendly options that will still give you the opportunity to try your hand at the Wall Street gamble.

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No. 1: American Eagle Outfitters (AEO)

Price: $19.54
YTD Change: +3.94 percent
Dividend Yield: 2.81 percent

A long-time favorite of the mall-goer set and Gen Y, American Eagle Outfitters is a familiar staple in many households. Known primarily for its American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie imprints, the company has branched out to operate more than 900 American Eagle Outfitters stores and more than 100 Aerie stores, has its own proprietary credit card and even ships to 81 countries through its websites.

No. 2: Old National Bancorp (ONB)

Price: $18.20
YTD Change: +4.3 percent
Dividend Yield: 2.86 percent

With nearly two centuries of service, Old National Bancorp certainly lives up to the “old” in its name. Based out of Evansville, Ind., Old National Bancorp operates almost 200 locations across Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota — and its shares have gained 30 percent or so over the last five years, which makes it a safe stock for first-time investors.

No. 3: Covanta Holding (CVA)

Price: $14.80
YTD Change: -12.43 percent
Dividend Yield: 6.76 percent

One man’s trash is another man’s investment — and such is the case with Covanta Holding. Covanta operates energy-from-waste facilities that burn more than 20 million tons of trash annually to produce electricity to municipalities across the U.S. and Canada.

The company created a solution for sustainable waste management and renewable energy that could become more popular as people become more aware of their environmental footprint. Financially, Covanta’s dividend yield is excellent, trending above 6.5 percent and its stock price remains very affordable for most investors.

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