7 Best Dividend Trackers of 2022

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If you’re a dividend investor, you probably have a portfolio that consists of high-dividend-paying stocks. But it can be challenging to keep track of your dividend returns, especially if you have a huge portfolio. 

If you’re wondering whether there is an app to track dividends, there sure is. In fact, there are dozens of options for a dividend tracker that can assist you in watching and managing your portfolio, so you can focus on other essential things.

This guide points out seven of the best dividend trackers and their notable features. Each dividend tracker offers a unique portfolio of services, and while the majority of them are premium, some are free. You can choose the platform that best suits your investing needs.

What Is a Dividend Tracker and Why Should You Use One?

A dividend tracker is an app or web-based platform that you can use to track and manage your portfolio of multiple dividend-paying stocks. As you grow your investment portfolio, it can be challenging to keep tabs on your returns from dividend stocks. You don’t have to waste a lot of time calculating your returns manually. Instead, a dividend tracker can help you do exactly that. 

Building Wealth

Apart from tracking dividend returns, a good dividend tracker can also help you identify stocks that you can add to your portfolio and give you insights on companies poised to increase, decrease or eliminate dividend payments. 

Another reason you should use a dividend tracker is that it gives you the ability to reinvest discretionary income so you can benefit from compounding.

How Do I Track My Dividends?

Download one of the dividend-tracker apps (or sign up for the web version) and enter the stocks you own to view upcoming dividends and whether they’re reinvested into a purchase of more of the same stock.

7 Best Dividend Trackers

While there are plenty of options out there, here are seven of the best dividend trackers that can help position you for investment success.

1. Dividend.com

Dividend.com is all about dividends, making it the best dividend tracker. While many other financial tracking platforms focus on different investment tools, this one counts dividend stocks as one of its main areas of focus. 

You can link your brokerage account and take advantage of the wide variety of tools. This includes a dividend screener that allows you to search and compare dividend picks against various factors.  

Building Wealth

The biggest drawback to Dividend.com is that it’s an online subscription service and does not have an app available. Dividend.com offers a premium plan that is full featured but pricey at $199 per year. 

2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the most popular investment tracking apps in the U.S., probably because it has a wide range of financial tools and it’s free. You can’t go wrong with this platform. For instance, you can get a quick estimate of your net worth using a net worth tool and assess your chances for retirement with a retirement planner. You can even keep tabs on hidden fees in your mutual funds, investing and retirement accounts using a fee analyzer. 

Although Personal Capital doesn’t provide a dedicated dividend tracker, you can connect your dividend income accounts to the platform, where you can track all your returns in one place. What’s more, you can customize tracking for a certain period so it can report dividend earnings. 

Personal Capital also offers an asset management service for portfolios with a minimum account balance of $100,000. The platform is a good option if you want to track your entire investment portfolio. But if you’re looking for a simple-to-use app that focuses on dividends, read on. 

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3. Sharesight

Sharesight is a stock portfolio tracker that you can use to track your dividends going back up to 20 years. You can view all of your dividends over any period, see the impact of your total returns and even track your reinvested dividends. 

Where Sharesight outshines its peers is in its ability to provide tax information regardless of the country you live in. You can set your portfolio’s base currency and track currency impacts for any foreign shares.

Sharesight has a free plan with one portfolio and 10 holdings. However, investors with a larger, diversified dividend portfolio will need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Depending on your investing needs, you can go for a $15 per month plan with up to 20 holdings and one portfolio, but with limited reporting. A $24 per month plan, which supports four portfolios, provides advanced reporting and unlimited holdings. With a $31 per month plan, you’ll get full reporting and have up to 10 portfolios and unlimited holdings. 

4. Finbox

Finbox is a “toolbox” designed to help you navigate every step of the investing process, but you can also use it to track your dividend payments. It provides current financial information for more than 100,000 stocks and more than 130 exchanges around the world. 

Building Wealth

The platform has a stock screener that supports more than 1,000 metrics, letting you identify promising companies. You can also find up to 10 years of historical financial data for companies and use your analysis to pre-build valuation models. 

Finbox offers both free and premium versions. For as low as $10 per month, you can get access to a wide variety of features you can capitalize on with the Starter plan. The platform also offers the Executive package for $25 per month and the Professional plan for $66 per month.  

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of your dividend stocks — and everything else — Finbox is a great tool. However, the staggering number of options may be better suited for day traders or more advanced investors.

5. Track Your Dividends

Track Your Dividends is a free dividend tracker with various tools you can use to track your overall performance and see how diversified your dividend portfolio is. It automatically updates dividend payments, sends alerts and shows you future payments. Additionally, the platform offers a dividend calculator that you can use to calculate your returns. 

Building Wealth

Of all the dividend tracker options so far, this is the best platform for its simplicity and ease of use. Plus, if you only have one linked account, you can stick with the free plan, which comes with a dividend calculator, alerts, value projection and even portfolio analysis. The ads can be distracting, though. 

For multiple accounts or more in-depth research tools, the premium plan for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year gives you access to features like unlimited linked accounts, a dividend screener, dividend safety scores and a whole lot more.

If you’ve signed up for the premium plan, you can use the dividend safety scorer to determine how risky your dividend portfolio is, to adjust according to your future investment goals and risk tolerance.

6. Simply Safe Dividends

Simply Safe Dividends is perhaps the most comprehensive tracker you’ll ever find. With a plethora of financial tools, you’ll be able to monitor all your investments and dividend income in one place.  

With Simply Safe Dividends, you can screen investment ideas that align with your goals. It also lets you import and track your watchlist and export them for further analysis. You can also review your dividend safety scores, which offer insight into how likely a company will cut dividends. 

Building Wealth

When it comes to cost, Simply Safe Dividends is quite pricey compared to other dividend trackers on the list. You’ll need to pay $399 per year for access, but you can take advantage of a 14-day trial before your premium subscription begins. And if you change your mind after subscribing, Simply Safe Dividends has a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

7. Robinhood

One of the most popular stock trading platforms today, Robinhood also lets you track your dividends. The platform has a user-friendly interface that’s so easy to use, even a newbie learning the ins and outs of stock buying can use it. 

You get real-time progress on the stocks you’re watching and get alerts every time you receive a dividend. However, there are times the system is delayed, which can be a big drawback. Besides alerts, you can view your dividend history and future payments. Robinhood also offers a dividend reinvestment plan that lets you automatically reinvest your dividend income from eligible stocks. 

There are no commission fees at all on this platform, meaning you’ll end up with a higher dividend balance. One more thing to consider: It’s entirely free to sign up for Robinhood.

Is There a Free Dividend Tracker? 

Most of the seven dividend trackers reviewed above have a free version. The free option may be more limited than upgrading to premium, but for basic monitoring of what’s going on with your investments, it may be all you need.


Investing in dividend stocks is a great way to build wealth over time. But if you don’t have the right tools to position yourself for your investing success, it can be challenging to climb the ladder. A good dividend tracker is a must-have tool for dividend investors.

Cynthia Bowman contributed to the reporting for this article.

Information is accurate as of June 28, 2022.