Warren Buffett Swears By These 3 Underrated Investing Principles

WASHINGTON - MARCH 13:  Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
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Over the years, Warren Buffett has earned his reputation as the Oracle of Omaha with a string of solid investments that have made him one of the richest people in the world. Apple, Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines are just a few of his many noteworthy investments.

But can ordinary humans who aren’t exactly oracles follow in his footsteps? Although it may appear that there is some ultra-classified secret to Buffett’s success, the Nebraska native is a simply a student of classic investing — which can be boiled down to a few basic investing principles you can use with any amount of money.

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Look for a Good Value

Yes, it really is that simple: Seek out a good stock at a good price. To do this, dig deep into a company’s assets and find out if its stock price is much lower than you anticipated, relative to its value. If so, then that might be an indication that it’s a good investment. And remember, to invest, you don’t need to throw a lot of money at a stock — just think about getting the biggest bang for your buck. Don’t be tempted to buy stock from a company just because it’s popular or doing well at the moment. To really invest like Warren Buffett, remember: this is a long game.

Building Wealth

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Seek out investments like ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and index funds that help build your wealth over time. Index funds are designed to “match the components of a market index,” and stick to a set of rules and standards that don’t change based on the markets. Now, this might not be the fastest or sexiest way to make money — but it won’t ever leave you high and dry, either. Invest in one of the best index funds to lay the foundation for great wealth in the long run — and avoid flashy investing schemes that eventually die out.

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Look for Stocks With Dividends

You can make a lot of money fast with dividends, which are essentially cash payments from a company’s earnings or your share of the company’s profits. Because dividends offer steady returns, you have a chance to reinvest that money, resulting in exponential growth.

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Building Wealth

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Building Wealth

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