Nucor Stock (NUE): Is It a Good Buy?

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Nucor is one of North America’s oldest and most diversified steel companies. The company’s share price is at an all-time high after recently crossing the $100 mark for the first time in history. This surge has put the stock up about 78% so far in 2021.

Does that mean Nucor stock is a good buy right now? Here are some things to consider about the company and its potential future.

What Is Nucor?

Nucor is the most diversified North American steel manufacturing company. It was founded in 1905 by Ransom E. Olds and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, Nucor has over 27,000 employees that work at more than 300 locations between itself and its family of brands.

The company manufactures high-quality steel and steel products for its customers. Nucor serves customers in various industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Power generation and transmission
  • Oil and gas
  • Heavy equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation

The company prides itself on being the most sustainable and safest steel manufacturing company. President and Chief Executive Officer Leon J. Topalian said that 2020 was the company’s safest year ever. Nucor is a pioneer in recycling scrap metal and has built its business on environmentally sustainable principles and practices. In fact, according to the company’s 2020 Annual Report, it recycled nearly 17.8 million gross tons of scrap steel just in 2020.

Building Wealth

How Does Nucor Make Money?

Nucor’s revenues come from three segments: steel mills, steel products and raw materials.

Nucor produces sheet steel, plate steel, structural steel, and bar steel in the steel mills segment. This steel mostly comes from scrap steel using electric arc furnaces. Nucor owns and operates 15 bar mills, five sheet mills, two structural mills and three plate mills across the U.S.

Annual Mill Capacity
Bar mills 9.56 million tons per year
Sheet mills 11.3 million tons per year
Structural mills 3.25 million tons per year
Plate mills 2.93 million tons per year*
*a new plate mill is being built, which will add 1.2 million tons of capacity when completed

Nucor produces steel tubing, electrical conduit, steel joists, fabricated concrete reinforcing steel, steel fasteners, and more in the steel products segment. The company owns and operates eight tubular facilities, nearly 70 fabrication facilities and nine metal building plants.

Annual Steel Products Capacity
Tubular 1.37 million tons
Rebar fabrication 1.64 million tons
Joist 745,000 tons
Deck 560,000 tons
Cold finished bar and wire 1.07 million tons
Meta buildings 360,000 tons
Steel mesh 128,000 tons
Grating 80,000 tons
Bolts 75,000 tons

In the raw materials segment, Nucor produces direct reduced iron and both ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. This segment also includes natural gas drilling operations. The investments in this segment aim to help the company’s steel-producing operations. Nucor operates six scrap recycling companies and two DRI plants across the United States.

Annual Raw Materials Capacity
Direct reduced iron 4.5 million metric tons
Ferrous scrap 5 million tons

Nucor’s revenues are diversified across these three segments, with sheet steel sales making up 33% of the total tons sold to customers. Notably, about 70% of their sheet steel sales in 2020 came from non-cancellable contract agreements.

What Is Nucor Worth?

You can calculate Nucor’s net worth by subtracting its liabilities from its assets. According to the company’s 2020 annual report, Nucor’s balance sheet showed $20.13 billion in total assets and $8.89 billion in total liabilities.

Nucor’s Net Worth
Total assets $20.13 billion
Total liability $8.89 billion
Net worth $11.24 billion

Building Wealth

Net worth is just one way of looking at a company’s value. Here are some key valuation measures to consider as well.

Valuation Measures
Market cap $28.72 billion
Diluted EPS 5.39
P/E Ratio 17.81
Forward P/E 7.78
Price to Sales 1.35
Price to Book Value 2.51
Dividend Yield 1.69%

Is Nucor a Good Buy Right Now?

Nucor is the largest steel manufacturing company in North America and has a long track record of success. But does that mean now is a good time to buy Nucor stock? Here are two reasons why purchasing the stock might be a good idea and one reason to consider waiting.

Consistent Dividends

Nucor has consistently increased its base dividend for almost 50 years. This consistency is a sign of a strong company with solid financials. Investors like dividend stocks because they generate income along with potential share price gains.

Some investors also believe they are good defensive stocks, as they generally hold their value better when the market sees a correction. Nucor’s track record with dividends is a good reason to like the stock.

New Share Repurchase Program

On May 13, 2021, Nucor announced that the board of directors had approved an adjustment to their share repurchase program. This amended the $2 billion repurchase program the board had authorized in 2018, increasing the amount to $3 billion.

When companies buy back shares of their stock, it reduces the total number of outstanding shares on the market. Generally, this raises the value of the stock and shows investors that management believes the current share price is a value compared to future growth potential.

Share buyback programs seem to be in vogue right now, with many companies announcing new buyback programs across the broader market. This trend could be a boost for the stock market as a whole, including companies like Nucor.

Steel Is a Cyclical Business

The steel business and other cyclical sectors like construction, travel and luxury goods usually perform well during economic expansion. However, during times of economic contraction, these types of companies often don’t perform as well. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 affected many industries, and steel was one of them.

Final Take

Many signs are positive for Nucor. Its base dividends have consistently increased for decades, and its share repurchase program adjustment suggests that Nucor expects its value to rise. But, if you do choose to invest, remember that the strength of the steel industry will depend strongly on the state of the economy.

Will 2021 see new economic expansion? That remains to be seen. With shares at all-time highs, investors do seem to be pricing in good news for Nucor. Time will tell.

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