Check Out 3 Pricey Stocks That Could Pay Off

Snag some of these stocks to hop on a wild investment ride.

Every investor has a different style — just like the clothes you wear or the car you drive. With the innumerable options available to you, the stocks you buy can be tailored specifically to how you like to invest.

Much like a wave, stocks move up and down — some more than others. If you’re willing to surf the profits — and losses — these expensive stocks could set you up for a serious payday.

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Stock No. 1: Netflix (NFLX)

Share Price: $321.30

If Netflix stock was a movie, it would definitely be a suspense thriller — when the shares for this movie and TV streaming giant are up, they’re soaring, but when they’re down, they’re subterranean.

As of the beginning of March 2018, shares have grown 70 percent for the year. Even though that seems like a huge gain, shares jumped 298 percent over the year in 2013. With the promise of over $7 billion more of new original content — think “Orange is the New Black,” “Bojack Horseman” and more — Netflix is part of one of the fastest-growing industries to invest in.

Stock No. 2: Chipotle (CMG)

Share Price: $323.76

If you’re interested in spicing up your investment portfolio, Chipotle might be a good stock to check out. For fans of the fast-casual chain, it’s definitely been a crazy ride. After a meteoric rise in its early days, the boom busted after the widespread E. coli breakout reports hit the airwaves in fall 2015.

Even though it’s been nearly three years, the stock has struggled and Chipotle is still behind its best numbers — which makes the stock an enticing snag for investors looking to be there when it climbs again.

Stock No. 3: Amazon (AMZN)

Share Price: $1,598.39

Amazon was just named the second-most-valuable company in the world — and buying up a share in the behemoth is a “prime” investment opportunity. Even though hindsight is 20/20, a cool $1,000 investment at the company’s IPO on May 15, 1997, would have fattened to $814,774.47 by March 12, 2018. Amazon has certainly hit its stride and continues to grow.

The company has revolutionized the way people spend money in the past decade, especially after getting into the grocery game with the acquisition of Whole Foods. The way Amazon is expanding, it seems like there won’t be an industry that Amazon won’t influence. If you hitch your wagon to CEO Jeff Bezos’ brainchild, buckle up.

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Share prices are accurate as of March 12, 2018, and are subject to change.