Grow Your Assets, Not Your Income

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Name: Robert Kiyosaki


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There are many, many people who will always tell you, “Live below your means.” Well, that’s not a Rich Dad philosophy either. I think if you live below your means, especially if you’re poor already and you live below the means, your spirit dies.

So what the Rich Dad company is really about is how do you improve your spirit by increasing your financial intelligence or financial IQ. Instead of living below my means — or what most people have is a J-O-B, a job, can only work so hard.

So my goal, my wife’s goal every single year is we increase our assets. So we buy more rental property, we invest in oil, gold, stocks that pay dividends and all this. So every year, our income or our cash flow keeps increasing. Every year.

Our goal is not to get a higher paying job. Our goal is to keep increasing our assets.

We want you to have all the wonderful things this world has to offer. So that’s one of the differences between, “Don’t live below your means” and what we say at Rich Dad, Inc.: Increase your means and you can have anything you want. And that’s what makes the Rich Dad company’s philosophy a little different than the rest.

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