The One Piece of Warren Buffett Advice That Will Set You Up for Success in 2019

Use Warren Buffett's advice if you want to make moves in 2019.

Eager yet nascent investors have clung to billionaire Warren Buffett’s every move and listened to his pearls of wisdom for decades in an effort to replicate the fortune built by the Oracle of Omaha — more than $83 billion as of Jan. 2, according to Forbes.

Throughout the years, the billionaire has always been gracious with his advisement. However, one of Warren Buffett’s tips that keeps coming up is the best investment is one that cannot be sold, taxed or diluted by inflation — it’s the investment in yourself.

Buffett has practiced what he preaches today. He previously invested $100 in himself when he was 21 years old. Plagued by nausea, fear and anxiety over public speaking, Buffett paid $100 to enroll in Dale Carnegie’s public speaking course. In an interview with Forbes, Buffett, now 88, revealed the course was so instrumental in building his confidence, he mustered up the courage to propose marriage to his then-girlfriend midway through the course.

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How You Can Use Warren Buffett’s Advice

In the spirit and season of New Year’s resolutions, how will you take Warren Buffett’s financial advice to better yourself and advance your career?

Sharpening your professional skills doesn’t necessarily equate to returning to a classroom or any type of long-term commitment. Thankfully, the internet is a repository of information that can be accessed for free (or really cheap) and on your own time.

Here are a few ways you can invest in yourself:

  • You won’t get to hang a prestigious MIT diploma on your wall, but you also won’t have to pay MIT tuition in exchange for learning materials and coursework through MIT OpenCourseWare. The most popular courses are science- and math-based, but there’s still ample content for humanities- and business-minded scholars.  
  • Udemy offers all-online classes in a wide range of topics, from music and bread baking to photography and web design, which start at $9.99 each.
  • Broaden your horizons with TED Talks. All of TED’s streamable content lives online and is free to watch. There are sections dedicated to personal growth, coding and matters of self-reflection and improvement.
  • Once you sift through cat videos and influencer vlogs, you can find helpful YouTube tutorials on coding, workplace leadership and developing a stronger work ethic.

If you’re a devout disciple of Buffett and want to follow his exact footsteps, Dale Carnegie is still in existence and offers both online and in-person training on leadership, sales, people skills and communication. Be prepared to spend a lot more than Buffett did — a two-day public-speaking course costs $2,195.  

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