What is an Investment Fund Manager?

Over the years you have become more financially savvy than you had ever expected. You have managed your money wisely, built a high credit score for yourself, purchased a house, and even refinanced your mortgage. However, your full time job prevents you from handling all your finances so you now want to locate a smart investment fund manager who you will trust to help you with your portfolio.

Your investment fund manager can help you manage your financial portfolio to help you meet specific goals (i.e. retirement) and will discuss your goals and plans with you to hand craft and monitor your portfolio so that your wealth will continue to grow.

Investment fund managers can also be called money managers or portfolio managers, but the job description is all the same. They may work for a variety of financial institutions such as a banks, life insurance or trust companies, ect. Their job is to manage the portfolio for third party clients, which would be you – the investor.

Investment fund managers and their respective companies have a responsibility to their investors and client base; because of that, the companies providing this type of service must have an investment counsel registration, and their investment fund managers must be licensed. Investment fund mangers must be experienced, meet certain educational requirements, register with state and federal government authorities, and must have completed the first year of the CFA program (also known as the Chartered Financial Analysis Program) – all this to ensure the security of your investment.

It is important that you trust your investment fund manager as they are going to be privy to your private financial information. Additionally you need to rely on their research, knowledge, and advice when you want to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other types of securities.

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