10 Worst States to Get a Mortgage Loan

  • John Thompson

    Elyssa Kirkham, your research on worse state to receive a mortgage need to be proof read. I am not sure where you did your research, but Colorado’s average home price in not even close. Not even in Boulder is the average price over 600 thousand. Please proof. Very misleading. Colorado’s average is close to state wide maybe 220 thousand. Denver is 340 thousand.

  • Mark Uriarte

    i wish it was as cheap as you say in CA. In San Francisco the medium as of March 2016 is $ 1,015,000 according to Zillow. And that is for a house that is small with under 1,200 SQ Feet. Also 50-70 + years old. The highest in the nation. Now that San Francisco has surrendered to big money and the great need for housing and has given up its fear of San Francisco turning into Manhattan, with dozens of condos going up to over 1,000 Ft tall, the price for a condo with a view is several million to 9 million +. The first house my dad bought in SF in 1956 was 12,500 dollars. It is now near 800,000 for a house built in 1927 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths. Views of the Pacific in the distance but foggy in the summer in the park side district.