NBKC VA Home Loan Review: Low Rates and No Fees

Should you take out your VA loan with NBKC Bank?
NBKC VA Home Loan Review: Low Rates and No Fees
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If you are a service member, veteran or a surviving military spouse who wants to purchase a home, you might consider taking out a VA home loan with NBKC Bank. Read this NBKC Bank review first to find out if you qualify and if it’s the best choice for you. Department of Veterans Affairs home loans are just one of the personal banking products and services offered by NBKC Bank. The bank also offers savings accounts, CDs, home equity loans and auto loans, with mobile and online banking available.

Keep reading this NBKC review to learn more about its VA home loans, and find out how to get your VA home loan approved.

NBKC VA Home Loan Review

When you take out a VA home loan with NBKC Bank, you’ll receive a number of perks including:

  • No lender fees
  • No required origination fees
  • No underwriting fees
  • No processing fees
  • Financing in all 50 states
  • Competitive interest rates

The exact mortgage rates you receive will depend on your loan terms and creditworthiness. Here are the rates for the different types of VA loans:

NBKC VA Home Loan Rates at a Glance
Loan TermAPR Rate
30-Year Fixed RateStarting at 4.108%Starting at 4.000%
15-Year Fixed RateStarting at 3.634%Starting at 3.375%
5.5- Year Adjustable RateStarting at 4.268%Starting at 3.500%

Information accurate as of Aug. 8, 2018.

The NBKC mortgage rates are competitive compared to other lenders offering VA home purchase loans. For example, take a look at how NBKC Bank’s rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage compare to other VA home loan providers:

VA Home Loan Lender Comparison: 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

NBKC BankStarting at 4.108%Starting at 4.000%
Veterans UnitedStarting at 4.893%Starting at 4.625%
Quicken LoansStarting at 4.982%Starting at 4.500%
J.G. WentworthStarting at 4.462%Starting at 4.250%
NASBStarting at 4.525%Starting at 4.250%
USAAStarting at 4.688%Starting at 4.375%

Information accurate as of Aug. 8, 2018.

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NBKC VA Home Loan Benefits

NBKC Bank offers pre-qualification for VA home loans. You can also check your rates prior to applying by filling out info about your desired home’s value, your desired down payment and your credit rating on their online rate calculator. If you have any questions about the loan or the application process, you can contact a loan professional or visit NBKC Bank’s online information center to get more detailed information.

How to Apply for an NBKC VA Home Loan

If you think an NBKC Bank VA home loan is right for you, you might be ready to submit an application. To apply for a VA home loan with NBKC Bank, you will need to gather documents such as your W-2 forms, paycheck stubs and tax returns.

“Securing a VA home loan is not very complicated at all in terms of documents needed from the veteran and their spouse,” said Jim Schneider, Former Army Officer and a Loan Officer at NBKC Bank.

To learn next steps in the application process, visit NBKC’s VA loan website. If you have a service-related disability, inform your lender to see if you qualify to get the funding fee waived.

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Should You Take Out an NBKC VA Home Loan?

If you qualify for a VA home loan, you’ll receive a competitive interest rate because a portion of the loan is guaranteed by the VA. Most VA home loans do not require a down payment or private mortgage insurance. With NBKC Bank, you’ll get all the standard benefits of a VA home loan with some of the best rates available to those who qualify. You also won’t have to worry about the fees that other lenders might require, plus you’ll have an abundance of resources at your fingertips from application to closing time to help make the VA home loan process seamless.

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