10 Best Personal Loans for People With Good Credit

A good credit score can get you the best rates on a personal loan — find out where.

If you have good credit you likely have access to the best personal loans — a high FICO score can lead to lower interest rates and better terms. Good credit borrowers can select from low interest personal loans and ones that require just a credit score for personal loan approval.

If you’re in need of a loan and you have been diligent about your credit, review these 10 personal loans that might suit your financial needs. Keep in mind that ultimately, however, you should look beyond the best personal loan rates for a solution to how to get a personal loan.

Here are 10 personal loans for people with good credit:

10 Best Personal Loans for Good Credit
Personal LoanMinimum Credit ScoreAPRLoan AmountsLoan TermFeesSecured or Unsecured
10857, LightStream, banks, logosLightStreamN/A2.19%-17.49%$5,000-$100,00024-84 monthsNoneBoth
10857, Financial, SoFi, banks, logos, photoSoFiN/A5.95%-14.49%$5,000-$100,0003-7 yearsNoneUnsecured
EarnestEarnestN/A5.25% and up$2,000-$50,0001-3 years$8 return payment feeUnsecured
10857, PayOff, banks, logosPayoff6605.94%-22.60%$5,000-$35,0002-5 years2%-5% origination feeUnsecured
10857, Discovery, banks, logosDiscover Personal LoansMost borrowers have a score of at least 6706.99%-24.99%$2,500-$35,00036-84 monthsNoneUnsecured
10857, Wells Fargo, banks, logosWells Fargo Personal LoansN/A7.00%-14.00%$3,000-$100,00012-60 monthsNoneUnsecured
10857, Pave, banks, logosPave6607.18%-29.65%$3,000-$25,0002-3 yearsNoneUnsecured
10857, CitiBank, banks, logosCitiBank Personal Loans6007.99%-16.49%$2,000-$50,00012-60 monthsNoneUnsecured
10857, TD Bank, banks, logosTD Bank Personal Loans6808.99% and up$2,000-$50,00012-60 monthsNoneBoth
10857, LoanMe, banks, logosLoanMe64515.90%-35.16%$2,600-$100,00015 years17%-33% loan feeUnsecured


LightStream is the online, consumer lending division of SunTrust Bank — and it promises it will beat any qualifying competitor’s rate. If you’re approved for a LightStream loan you could be funded within one day. You can apply for these competitive, fixed-rate loans online or by phone.

Minimum credit score: N/A
APR: 2.19% to 17.49% APR
Loan amount: $5,000 to $100,000
Loan term: 24 months to 84 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Most loans are unsecured but secured loans are available.
Approval process: After you’re approved and sign the loan agreement, you might be able to get your funds within one day.


  • The Rate Beat Program promises to beat competitor interest rates by 0.10 percent.
  • The Loan Experience Guarantee offers $100 to customers who are not satisfied with their loans.
  • The fixed-rate loans have no fees or prepayment penalties.


  • All rates apply only if you use autopay — an additional 0.50 percent interest rate applies for invoicing.
  • For this lender, the answer to “What is a good credit score?” is subjective and includes many factors, which are listed on the website.


SoFi is a holistic lender that looks at the whole person and tries to satisfy borrowers’ growing financial needs from buying a home to saving money on student loans to advancing their careers. The company offers meet-ups and career counseling, which are nice perks.

Minimum credit score: N/A
APR: 5.95% to 14.90% APR
Loan amount: $5,000 to $100,000
Loan term: 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: After approval, funds are generally available within several days.


  • SoFi offers loan forbearance and suspends payments if you lose your job.
  • The product lineup also includes investing and wealth management resources, career advising and an entrepreneur program.
  • A referral program pays you when you refer someone who funds a loan.


  • To be eligible for student loan refinancing, you must have graduated from select Title IV-accredited universities or graduate programs and meet strict eligibility criteria.

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Data drives Earnest’s lending process, which the company says gives good credit borrowers more personalized interest rates. When Earnest evaluates its unsecured personal loans it incorporates data regarding each applicant’s personal savings, employment, education, investments and career trajectory.

Minimum credit score: N/A
APR: From 5.25% APR
Loan amount: $2,000 to $50,000
Loan term: 12 months to 36 months
Fees:  $8 for insufficient funds
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: Apply online and provide information about your financial responsibility.


  • Earnest claims that clients who consolidate and refinance student loans save an average of $21,810.
  • Loan repayment terms are customized with Precision Pricing and based on borrowers’ budgets.
  • Student loan refinancing rate quotes are available within two minutes


  • Loans are not available in all states.
  • Loan eligibility frequently requires having three months’ of living expenses in a savings account.


Payoff calls itself a financial wellness company that uses science, psychology and technology to improve its borrowers’ financial situations. The company applies behavioral strategies to help clients to meet their financial goals.

Minimum credit score: 660
APR: 5.94% to 22.60% APR
Loan amount: $5,000 to $35,000
Loan term: 24 to 60 months
Fees: 2 percent to 5 percent origination fee
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: After verification, funds are typically available within two to five business days.


  • Payoff’s member advocates help you achieve financial goals.
  • The Payoff Loan can help consumers improve credit scores. Borrowers who paid off at least $5,000 in credit card balances saw an average increase of 40 points in their FICO scores within four months, according to a Payoff 2016-2017 survey.


  • Loans are available in only 30 states.
  • The loans have restrictions on how they can be used with a focus on paying off credit card debt.

Discover Personal Loans

Discover Personal Loans can provide fast payment on personal loans. Unlike some competitors, the loans are available nationwide. Discover will also use your loan proceeds to pay off creditors.

Minimum credit score: Most borrowers have a minimum credit score of 670.
APR: 6.99% to 24.99% APR
Loan amount: $2,500 to $35,000
Loan term: 36 months to 84 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: Loan approval can happen within a day and funds might be accessible the next business day.


  • Discover provides loan calculators so you can figure out exactly what you’ll be paying.
  • Flexible payment options are available.
  • You have a 30-day, interest-free repayment option.


  • The high minimum credit score might exclude certain borrowers.

Wells Fargo Personal Loans

Wells Fargo also offers a wide range of lending solutions, including secured loans and loans to consolidate credit card debt. The bank has more than 6,000 branches and borrowers can apply online or in person. Bonus: This loan might also work for you if your credit isn’t stellar.

Minimum credit score: N/A
APR: 7% to 14% APR
Loan amount: $3,000 to $100,000
Loan term: 12 months to 60 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: You can be approved within 15 minutes and receive funding the same business day.


  • The Wells Fargo website offers loan rate estimator, payment and debt consolidation calculators.
  • Discounts might be available if you’re a qualified Wells Fargo customer.


  • If you have excellent credit, you might find lower interest rates elsewhere.


Pave is a peer-to-peer lender, which means that you borrow from individual investors. Unlike some P2P lending companies, investors in Pave loans must have a high income, high net worth or both. Currently, Pave is providing only educational loans for borrowers taking a course.

Minimum credit score: 660
APR: 7.18% to 29.65% APR
Loan amount: $3,000 to $25,000
Loan term: 24 months to 36 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: You can get approved within two minutes and have funds transferred the later of three days or when the course begins.


  • Loan evaluation considers your future career and earning potential in addition to your current financial situation.


  • Pave loans are available in only 35 states.
  • Unsecured personal loans to specifically pay for an education are the only loans Pave offers.

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Citibank Personal Loans

Citibank has a large number of financial products and its personal loans fit a variety of needs. You can choose between variable- and fixed-rate loans as well as personal lines of credit. Products vary per state and the website enables you to choose your state to compare personal loans.

Minimum credit score: 600
APR: 7.99%t to 16.49% APR
Loan amount: $2,000 to $50,000
Loan term: 12 months to 60 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: You can get approved quickly and receive funding within five business days.


  • Loans are designed to fit state lending requirements.
  • A good credit score isn’t necessarily required to get this loan.
  • The bank has multiple branches for additional service.


  • You might find lower rates from other lenders if you have a high credit score.

TD Bank

TD Bank has locations across the eastern part of the U.S. At its branches and online, TD Bank offers a suite of personal loan products. You can consolidate credit card debt, fund a vacation or pay for home improvements with a TD Bank personal loan.

Minimum credit score: 680
APR: From 8.99% APR
Loan amount: $2,000 to $50,000
Loan term: 12 months to 60 months
Fees: None
Secured or unsecured: Both
Approval process: After your approval you can typically receive funds within two business days.


  • If you need $15,000 or less, you might qualify for a TD Express Loan, which comes with expedited loan processing and funding in as few as two days.
  • Use autopay and get a 0.25 percent interest rate deduction.
  • TD offers a personal unsecured line of credit.


  • General loan information only available after selecting from limited state options.
  • You can’t use the loan for educational expenses.
  • The interest rates are higher than some competitors’.

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LoanMe provides funding for debt consolidation or one-time expenses. The easy application process requires only three items for approval: a bank statement, proof of income and a valid ID that shows you’re at least 18.

Minimum credit score: 645
APR: 15.90% to 35.16% APR
Loan amount: $26,000 to $100,000
Loan term: 15 years
Fees: 17 to 33 percent origination fee
Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
Approval process: You can get approved within two minutes and receive funds as soon as the next business day.


  • You can change your mind within the first seven days and return the borrowed funds with no fees or prepayment penalty.
  • After approval, you might receive funds the same day.


  • Loans are available only to California residents.
  • Lower fees and interest rates are available at other lenders.

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*All loans are subject to credit approval by LightStream. If approved, your APR will be based on loan purpose, amount, term and your credit profile. Conditions and limitations apply. Advertised rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

Fixed rates from 6.990% APR to 14.865% APR (with AutoPay). Variable rates from 6.255% APR to 12.555% APR (with AutoPay). SoFi rate ranges are current as of September 1, 2018 and are subject to change without notice. Not all rates and amounts available in all states. See Personal Loan eligibility details. Not all applicants qualify for the lowest rate. If approved for a loan, to qualify for the lowest rate, you must have a responsible financial history and meet other conditions. Your actual rate will be within the range of rates listed above and will depend on a variety of factors, including evaluation of your credit worthiness, years of professional experience, income and other factors. See APR examples and terms. Interest rates on variable rate loans are capped at 14.95%. Lowest variable rate of 5.81% APR assumes current 1-month LIBOR rate of 2.07% plus 4.175% margin minus 0.25% AutoPay discount. For the SoFi variable rate loan, the 1-month LIBOR index will adjust monthly and the loan payment will be re-amortized and may change monthly. APRs for variable rate loans may increase after origination if the LIBOR index increases. The SoFi 0.25% AutoPay interest rate reduction requires you to agree to make monthly principal and interest payments by an automatic monthly deduction from a savings or checking account. The benefit will discontinue and be lost for periods in which you do not pay by automatic deduction from a savings or checking account. The benefit will discontinue and be lost for periods in which you do not pay by automatic deduction from a savings or checking account.Terms and Conditions Apply. SOFI RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY OR DISCONTINUE PRODUCTS AND BENEFITS AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. To qualify, a borrower must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in an eligible state and meet SoFi's underwriting requirements. Not all borrowers receive the lowest rate. To qualify for the lowest rate, you must have a responsible financial history and meet other conditions. If approved, your actual rate will be within the range of rates listed above and will depend on a variety of factors, including term of loan, a responsible financial history, years of experience, income and other factors. Rates and Terms are subject to change at anytime without notice and are subject to state restrictions. SoFi refinance loans are private loans and do not have the same repayment options that the federal loan program offers such as Income Based Repayment or Income Contingent Repayment or PAYE. Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Financing Law License No. 6054612. SoFi loans are originated by SoFi Lending Corp., NMLS # 1121636. (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org)

To check the rates and terms you qualify for, SoFi conducts a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score. However, if you choose a product and continue your application, we will request your full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies, which is considered a hard credit pull.

Minimum Credit Score: Not all applicants who meet SoFi’s minimum credit score requirements are approved for student loan refinancing. In addition to meeting SoFi’s minimum eligibility criteria, applicants must also meet other credit and underwriting requirements to qualify.

All rates, member figures, estimates, terms, state availability, and savings calculations are current at the time this article was written. All of the above may update in the future. For the most up-to-date information, visit SoFi.com