50 Mindless Ways You’re Burning Through Your Paycheck

If you're guilty of these fiscal faux pas, you're throwing money away each month.
  • Reese

    I’m all for sneaking snacks into the theater. I’m very guilty of wasting leftovers though :-/

  • Reggie

    Pretty good ideas except for a few. Appetizers at a restaurant is one. Because of rising costs and a more educated and frugal consumer, a lot of restaurants are reducing portion sizes to keep prices low. Try ordering several appetizers to share instead of individual entrees. Also if you’re going to drink wine, order a bottle instead of by the glass. The automated bill pay is a bad idea. Too many people get lazy with this app and don’t bother keeping track of bank accounts or the actual itemized bills. The light bulb issue is wrong. I’m all for energy efficiency but buying cfl’s or led’s is a bigger waste of money. My own experience is these types of light bulbs don’t even last as long as a regular bulb. If you read the fine print the energy savings and use is based on 1-3 hours of operation per day. With the up front cost and the energy savings stated not being actual, you can buy 4 to 5 times as many regular bulbs and still save money and energy. The last is the warehouse club/bulk items. Belonging to a warehouse club can save you money, especially if you have teenagers, but the items listed: toilet paper, trash bags and diapers have been proven by Consumer Reports and other consumer watch lists to be the items that actually cost an individual more then buying them at a conventional grocery store.

  • Heather

    The Hulu/Netflix/Amazon tv are great ideas instead of cable but who wants to wait an entire yr for their shows to come out? Also these services do no include all shows, live sports, etc.