Disney Launches New ‘Disney Eats’ Brand and Channel

The new digital brand will include cooking shows and products.

Exciting news for Mickey Mouse-loving foodies: Disney announced that it’s launching a new “Disney Eats” digital brand.

Disney Digital revealed the brand launch during its annual NewFront presentation on May 1. Disney Eats will partner with the online food-based network Tastemade to create new and original content for the platform. Disney Eats is meant to take millennials on a culinary adventure based on Disney characters and theme parks, according to Deadline.

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The new food-based brand will have its own online channel that will stream cooking shows aimed at families, including “Kitchen Little,” which will feature kids working with celebrity chefs; “Tiny Kitchen,” which will showcase chefs creating small replicas of Disney food and a food science series called “Must Be Science,” CNBC reported. Disney Eats will also have an editorial site.

The new venture also has money-making potential through product sales. Disney Eats will sell branded cooking equipment — including kitchen utensils, bakeware and cookbooks — based on its videos and editorial content. The cooking products are meant to inspire “co-cooking” with parents and their children.

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The Disney Digital Network, formerly known as Maker Studios, was acquired by Disney in 2014 for $500 million, according to CNBC. The network is part of Disney-ABC and creates digital-first content aimed at Gen Z and millennial audiences. During the fiscal quarter ending in December 2017, consumer products and interactive media revenues for Disney were $1.5 billion, according to the most recent Walt Disney Company fiscal report.

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