What Do You Know About the Cost of Living Across the Country?

See how much numbers change from state to state.

Living isn’t cheap, but depending on where you decide to put down roots, your bottom line might look quite different from someone else’s. America is a massive country, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that life — and lifestyle — differs greatly from state to state. How much do you know about the cost of living across the U.S.?

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Hawaii Has the Highest Cost of Living

If you’re looking to trade in your regular life for a luau, you better bolster your bank account. According to a GOBankingRates study, the average cost of living in Hawaii is over 67 percent more expensive than the national average.

New Hampshire Has the Lowest Percentage of Residents Living in Poverty

Good news for those living in the Granite State — according to a GOBankingRates study only 6.8 percent of its residents are considered to be living in poverty. Known for its lush wilderness and boasting some of the best skiing conditions on the East Coast, a New Hampshire lifestyle offers a high quality of living and plenty of things to do — well within its residents’ price range.

Wyoming Spends the Least on Welfare

The Buffalo State is ranked the lowest in the nation as far as spending on welfare. According to data from a GOBankingRates study, Wyoming is only the state in the nation that spends less than $1 billion on welfare. The total figure for the state clocks in at $813.26 million yearly. The data was based on total spending, not spending per capita, so population did play a part in the figures.

West Virginia Has the Best Housing Prospects for Millennials

The American dream might seem slightly out of reach for many millennials who are saddled with student debt, but one state offers affordable housing prospects — and lots of lush greenery.

GOBankingRates released a study to see how long it would take millennials to save for a 20 percent down payment on a median-list-price home in each state — and the Mountaineer State came out on top. With a median listing price of $150,000, monthly mortgage payments clock in around $693. And when you’re there, you can enjoy the Appalachian Trail, outdoor activities and rooting for the West Viriginia University Mountaineers.

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